Steel of approval


At last Saturday’s Farmers Market I received a free Farmers’ Market bag with one of my purchases.

The construction of which was very good, the increased size was welcome and the longer handles easier to carry.  The move to a red and black color scheme also made these bags stand out and get noticed.
All around a vast improvement from last year’s model.

I was surprised that after I got home an emptied my market goodies that I was staring at an ad for Dymin Steel Inc.

One side has the Aurora Farmers Market logo, the other has the Dymin Steel logo as seen in the picture above.

Not knowing anything about Dymin Steel and expecting them to be a local business I decided to check them out online: .

They’re not.

Dymin Steel is located in Brampton.

Anyone else wonder why a Brampton based company would sponsor Aurora’s Farmers’ Market?

I did, up until I found it to be another of councilor Granger’s bone-headed contributions in his role as liaison.

The following is taken from the minutes of a council meeting back on May 27th, 2008 ( )

Councillor Granger advised that there will be many fun events happening on this date including a customized tote-bag give-away, as a result of the kind support of Dymin Steel Inc., the first corporate sponsor of the Aurora Farmers’ Market.

Was it really so hard to find a local sponsor?

Don’t we have an E.D.A.C. committee and a chamber of commerce that could assist in finding one?

If the mayor really believed that the Farmers Market is a huge economic development (as she said at council on Feb 23rd) why isn’t the Town of Aurora sponsoring these market bags?

For both the Mayor and councilor Granger who profess to care and support local business, this seems like a massive slap in the face to so many of them that are community oriented.

I guess it’s no surprise that councilor Granger would look for sponsorship from outside of our town’s borders considering that he was also of the belief that the market would drive people to the downtown core.  Which of course never happened because he participated in moving it out of the core.

I hope that now that the Farmers Market has severed ties with councilor Granger that they shift their sights towards some local sponsors.

Robert Townsend once said that “A good leader needs to have a compass in his head and a bar of steel in his heart.”

Councilor Granger seems to have it the other way around.


2 thoughts on “Steel of approval

  1. Well Christopher, you have garnered my attention. I appreciate your kind words about the bags our company has donated, what I do not appreciate is your scorn for a company who is willing to do this, without taking the time to do your homework. You have failed to realize that the owner of Dymin Steel has lived in Aurora for over 30 years and is an upstanding member of the community, and he offered to donate the bags because he lives in this community and heard they were looking for a sponsor.
    I do hope this clears up your misconceptions.

  2. Mike,

    I have no idea how you found my blog but I appreciate you reading it.

    Here is my response to your comments.

    “I appreciate your kind words about the bags our company has donated”

    I’m not sure where you had the bags manufactured but they are a vast improvement over last years bags which were too small to be useful, horribly scratchy and difficult to clean.

    There is one issues with the bag that has been unresolved an that is they are not leak proof.

    My suggestion is that Farmers market bags be modeled after supermarket bags made out of a tarp material that address the issues of leakage and ease of cleaning.

    “what I do not appreciate is your scorn for a company who is willing to do this”

    What I do not appreciate the fact that you believe I have “scorn” for your company.

    I invite you to re-read my post and if you still believe this than please feel free to outline exactly

    where you have come to such a conclusion.

    For all I know Dymin Steel may be an exemplary company, the principals and employees may indeed be upstanding members of their respective communities but I fail to see how any of this has any relevance to my point, which you have so obviously missed.

    I will re-state for your benefit here my primary question:

    Why is the Aurora Farmers market being sponsored by a business that is not local, when there are

    several opportunities to partner with community focused businesses? Especially when the Farmers Market is supposed to be a local Economic initiative funded and subsidized by the town?

    As for your statement “without taking the time to do your homework.”

    It think it would be fair to say that took an exceptional amount of time to do “homework”.

    I visited the Dymin steel website, and noticed that Dymin Steel is not located in Aurora.

    There is no obvious connection between Dymin Steel and the Aurora Farmers Market.
    They are not a vendor, they are not recognized on any notices or marketing materials circulated, in fact I had to search through council minutes to find mention of Dymin Steel to see ANY connection.

    How is it exactly that I would have ever come to know that the owner is from Aurora?

    And how is that relevant to my question.

    Did the “owner” donate the bags, or the company? It sure looks like the company logo is on the bag.

    Just to continue with the “homework” theme”, if we compare Farmers Markets between Aurora and Newmarket, we find that for the 2007 season the Newmarket Farmers Market had a whopping 17 sponsors.

    10 sponsors were from the Town of Newmarket, including:

    MP Belinda Stronach

    Town of Newmarket

    TerraFlora Gardens

    Gaal Gardens

    Roadhouse & Rose

    Halton Recycling

    Vince’s Market

    York Region Farm Fresh

    Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch

    Peter Stanton School of Dance

    4 sponsors that were not from the Town of Newmarket, but were vendors at the Farmers Market including:

    Willow Tree Farms

    Coopers Farm

    D&D Meats

    Not just pies

    Only 3 sponsors had no obvious ties to the Market or the town of Newmarket and they included:

    HighFields Country Inn & Spa

    food&home magazine

    Captain Kettle Corn

    By comparison the crudely constructed flier for the 2009 season of the Aurora Farmers Market shows 4 sponsors.

    All of which are local to the Town of Aurora

    Aurora Home Hardware

    Hollandview Trail


    MP Lois Brown

    Dymin Steel is conspicuously absent from this list which is interesting if they are indeed a sponsor.

    I’m happy that Dymin Steel so graciously donated these bags, I’m just wondering why a local company, or companies, were not sought out.

    It speaks volumes as to the failings of the former council liaison Steven Granger.

    I hope this clears up “your misconceptions”.

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