Accolades and Ass-hats – July 7th 2010



To Phyllis Morris for pre-campaigning both at the corner of Yong Wellington under the guise of “informing” residents of the Promenade Study.

And then again on the patio of Johnathans restraunt.

It is disgusting, some may say even illegal, to know that she is aggressively seeking support given that she has not filed any papers.



To Geoffry Dawe for both taking over 50% of the votes on my recent poll, as well as having a successful campaign launch last Monday with over 100 in attendance.  Right out of the gate he is differentiating himself from Nigel Kean and Roger Clowater who neither have, nor could pull off a comparable event with the same showing of support, not even combined.

He seemed in his element, albeit it would be safe to say that he had already won over the support of the majority of the room. 

Let’s hope that he doesn’t take the summer off, but instead commits himself to what he has started, honing his presentation skills so he can handle a heated debate.

When it comes to the race for Mayor there is no prize for second place, and we all know where nice guys finish, don’t we Nigel.



To Evilina MacHeckron, Ken Whitehurst and anyone on the LSAC committee who after sitting on the Master Wreck Plan for a year and failing to fulfill all of their requirements are now flushing another $50,000 to hire a YOUTH NEEDS ANALYSIS consultant.

Here is the ad out for bids:*.main?toPage=OPG/StBidHistoryDetail.jsp&bidOrgId=11003072&tndrId=1000616

So much fanfare was made by councilor Wilson about having 2 youth councilors, I guess not even he thought to ask them.



To everyone responsible for the July 1st fireworks, which I find more exciting and enjoyable than any parade.

If you perched yourself far enough north on Industrial Parkway you could watch both Aurora’s and Newmarket’s displays.

Ours were better, especially the finale.



To the Mayor for chairing the June 22nd council meeting

Letting Open Forum lasted for over 1 hour & 20 minutes demonstrates that Phyllis can’t run a meeting to save her life.

She even seemed proud to recognize that it was the longest Open Forum session.

What an idiot!

I can’t possibly be the only one who questions why half of these speakers didn’t seek delegation status.

Especially the Mayor’s top sycophant Sher St Kitts who held the mic for over 12 minutes (Part1: 16:59 – 29:45)

When they finally get down to business they waste 65 minutes (Part2: 8:00 – 1:09:58, 1:21:40 – 1:25:50) bickering and failing to form a motion to support about $15,000 (in lost revenue) to promote an OHJL tournament to be held in Aurora.

Benefits to the town are obvious, a sell out of rooms at the Howard Johnson hotel, increase in traffic to local shops and eateries.
Not to mention the town’s involvement in this level of junior hockey.

But after 65 minutes of nit picking the answer was a resounding no.

Perhaps is anyone cared to calculate the cost of the collective time wasted in this meeting (65 minutes x everyone in the room) it would no doubt exceed the $15,000 that was being asked for.

They could have just approved the item and moved on and it would have saved the town, wait scratch that, maybe even made the town money.

So very sad.


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