sign language


"Communication is difficult"

These were Sher's words used to describe her experience working with the Aurora Farmers Market when she approached council this past Tuesday.

I would assume that anyone attempting to communicate with Sher would concur.  Communicating with Sher is extremely difficult.

She chooses to use a loudspeaker when addressing someone immediately across from her.  It's all about talking, with no need to listen.

When things don't go her way, the drama queen raises to the surface and she breaks down in a melodramatic display of tantrum and tears.

One has to wonder what doesn't Sher find difficult?

Even trying to make a presentation at council was beyond her as she started to direct questions to town staff, I was surprised that the Mayor interjected and reigned her back in given how at a previous council meeting she was allowed to lay into councilor Buck with no one interjecting.

Sher raised serious concerns regarding the sharing the town park for her upcoming Jazz festival as it overlaps with the already established Aurora Farmers Market.

From what I understand Sher has already approached vendors at the Farmers Market regarding the festival and suggested that some need to vacate their spots. 

These are spots that the vendors have paid for at the beginning of the season and have a contract with the town for their spot so they can conduct business Saturday mornings from 8AM – 1PM.

The Jazz Festival is a one time event, an after thought, and one that needs to work along with the market, not railroad it.

Perhaps if Sher wanted a more receptive atmosphere from the vendors to her festival she could have tried a more congenial and respectful approach than stomping up and down, throwing her jazz hands up in everyone's face and run to the town's bylaw officers.

Given the closeness in timing to the very established and successful Toronto Jazz festival I think I will take a pass on the Aurora Jazz festival this year.

Instead I think I will search for some more material from this very gifted artist, who no doubt is set to take the Jazz world by storm:



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