The secret is to know when to stop


Tuesday July 13th’s council meeting lasted 5 hours and 39 seconds.

That’s right, 5 hours!

I arrived 40 minutes late to find that the meeting had not even begun, that the minutes of the meeting had not even been approved.

As to be expected the Mayor was behaving extremely juvenile, and in her adamant way, chose to stop the addition of items to the agenda.  She mad a huge scene about them not being declared in a timely fashion even though they had, and wasted more time trying to object to the item rather then looking for a way to embrace it.

She got so flustered that she needed to call a recess, only to waste more time to return and approve the items she previously refused.

Whenever a council meeting is chaired by the Mayor you can be assured it will result in an exercise of gross futility, this meeting was to be no exception.

The high level of futility was felt by several members of the audience who approached the mic in open forum, most notably Robert Hayes who encouraged council to secure and review Robert’s rules of Order.

I applaud Mr Hayes enthusiasm, and agree that anything would be an improvement to the gross ineptitude that currently has a stranglehold on council meetings.

But given that Robert’s rules of Order was written back in the early 1900’s I would suggest rather that council visit the Smarter Meetings .com website.

You can watch a small video regarding Smarter Meetings .com here:


The following 4 posts should be of utmost interest to anyone involved in the proceedings of Aurora Council:

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The number one cited reason for employees choosing to leave a workplace is simply  “the manager”

At the point at which I left only two items on a very large agenda had been covered.

There was no stopping this train wreck until they arrived at the item regarding the integrity commissioner’s latest ruling.
The ruling on Evilina’s latest two complaints that she filed back in April against councilor Buck.

Of course the obvious problems that a) the matter shouldn’t be discussed in a public forum as it dealt with an identifiable person and therefore required a closed-door session and b) that the integrity commissioner was not present to present his findings.

By then Councilor Buck had already left.  Councilors McRoberts and Collins-Mrakas who voiced their objection to the item being added to the agenda from the onset walked away from the table leaving only 3 councilors and the Mayor.

When councilor Wilson started to voice his objection to the item it broke down completely leaving the mayor to quickly struggle to defer the matter to a future meeting.

If this wasn’t the sign that the Mayor, and the public needed to show how wholly political the item, and the meeting itself had become, than nothing will.

Even when the meeting was over, it still wasn’t over.  There were items that still needed discussion in a closed door meeting.
This is after most parties involved already completed a full day of work including several other meetings.

It’s one thing to flaunt a high commitment level, and use buzz-words like “going that extra mile for the community” and “doing anything it takes” blah, blah, blah.  However anyone claiming that they can conduct conduct business with any degree of effectiveness or efficiency in a 5 hr meeting following a full day of work is clearly insane.

There is a reason that there is an hour of adjournment.  The thought of approaching it should be reason enough to strive towards more efficiency.

But not our mayor.

Going past the hour of adjournment by 1.5 hrs shows a complete lack of professionalism and leadership, which serves to exemplify the root of the dysfunction of this council over this term.

How is it fair to anyone whether it be councilors, members of the audience, and especially the town staff to have to work in this environment?

I left the meeting after 3 hrs mostly due to exhaustion. 

I attended in person because there was so much speculation that Robbers TV would cease to cover the council meetings.  The were there in full force.  3 Cameras were rolling, the van outside was being monitored by 2 additional staff members.

They captured every painful second, although I’m sure they were running dangerously low on tape.

The only ones wanting to watch this on TV would be doing so solely for entertainment.

That’s why other municipalities tune in to Aurora council, they can’t believe how absurd politics in Aurora really are.

Seeing really is believing.

It’s just unfortunate that the things seen at Aurora council cannot be unseen.


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