There are rules for situations like this


Councilor Buck has a great post regarding the particular clause of the Code of Conduct that she has been charged with breaking over on her blog here:

I agree with the councilor that the intent of clause 3 contravenes the Federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms and think everyone should take a closer look at the document, here’s a snippet:

“Communications and Media Relations Members of Council will accurately and adequately communicate the attitudes and decisions of Council, even if they disagree with the majority decision of Council.

Official information related to decisions and resolutions made by Council will normally be communicated to the community and the media in an official capacity by the Mayor or designated staff member or through a press release issued by the Corporation.

Communications with the media by Members of Council shall be conducted through proper interviews or media releases. Members shall refrain from submitting letters to the editor or writing a regular column in the newspaper or hosting or co -hosting a regular televised program”

If this wasn’t taken from Nazi Germany I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it was taken from Futurama’s “Code of Conduct for Cannibalism”:


Hell bent on maintaining a wholly political death grip on the members of council both Mayor Morris and Evilina have effectively begun the process of eating themselves…..and being the big mouthed vipers they are they’ve bitten off way more than they can chew.


Watts on your mind?

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