bylaws for some and bylaws for others


After complaining that she wasn’t getting any cooperation from the Farmers Market on camera at last Tuesday’s council meeting, and pleading for the town to do something about “those meanie Farmers Market people” the Town Crier got her wish as as bylaw officers shook down vendors Saturday morning. 

Councilor Granger (and the Mayor’s Beard) were on hand to add the extra element of intimidation.  No one provides a good neanderthal stare complete with knuckle dragging like those two goons.

Interesting how all the pomp and circumstance, and parading around this at council by Ms St. Kitts paints the Farmers Market in a negative way for not communicating with her.

Apparently Ms. St. Kitts had chosen to approach vendors individually as opposed to approaching the committee.  She seemed to believe she was in her right to do so, and she has yet to extend any communication to the Farmers Market, so how exactly does she expect any cooperation when she pulls a stunt like this?

I stopped and talked with some of the vendors as they were packing up, and they were clearly not happy with how everything went down, and rightly so.

One young lady who was minding a booth for her friend, didn’t have her permit (which were issued so late it is almost laughable that a bylaw officer would think to ask to see it).  The bylaw officer gave her a hard time asking repeatedly to see her drivers license which she refused, rightly so.  You are not required to surrender your drivers license to a bylaw officer.  I suppose all he wanted was an address so he could send along a bill. 

How very congenial and co-operative of the town, and the Aurora Jazz Festival.

Complete Ass-hats!

The Aurora Farmers Market is a weekly event, where the Aurora Jazz festival is an afterthought, and add-on, a self promotional special event.

If they are unable to coincide the activities in Town Park without interrupting the Farmers Market then they should be shut down. Not the other way around.

Vendors have permits.

They pay to conduct their business every Saturday morning.

As I understand it, Sher does not, so where does she get of forcing herself on others like this?

Vendors had to struggle setting up and tearing down their booths because they were unable to use their vehicles to assist in this manner.  For some vendors this represents a massively unnecessary obstacle to their business operations.

I have a tremendous amount of admiration for the Chair of the Market Andre Flys, who stood up for the vendors.
You can read his letter to the Auroran this week here:

Download this file

Download this file

I couldn’t agree more with Mr Flys’ comments, especially the following ones:

“[Most] council members are there every Saturday without fail, so for anyone to claim they are surprised about the positioning of anybody in there is a little peculiar.”

“I am not going to bother contacting Sher St. Kitts as to our past history and she is not
exactly a reasonable person.”

Let’s hope that Andre is correct when he says:

“[Staff member] Judy Sherin assured me that the space that has been promised to us was ours and the jazz festival would have to work around it.”

Talk about a group of people that have received way more than their fair Sher of abuse.


One thought on “bylaws for some and bylaws for others

  1. I wonder if the bylaw officer wrote up the one pickup truck that was in the town park on Saturday during the farmers market. Probably not since it was a York Region truck attached to the optimist clubs trailer……

    No surprise St. Kitts was snooping around and taking pictures. It is probably a very bitter pill for her to swallow that the farmers market is doing just fine, if not better without her “services”. To go whining and complaining to council is a new low; even for her. But I’m sure it’s not the last complaints we will hear from her about the market.

    Her husband is the one with talent; she is just annoying and brings very little to the table. Try something new St. Kitts…..Getting tired of seeing George perform so many times at Aurora functions….

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