Want some more spin? all you had to do was ask


I applaud Richard Johnson’s recent effort, and am upset but not surprised to learn that the town was unable to properly fulfill his F.O.I. request.

You can read his comments over at the Aurora Citizen here:

It is also humorous to hear the Mayor respond so flippantly as “All you had to do was ask”.

It just emphasizes the lengths to which she aggressively refuses to listen,  as Mr. Johnson points out here, the question has been asked, several times:

I have subsequently found out in a round about way that the Mayor informed a local reporter that all I had to do was ask her to answer the question and the answer would have been forthcoming at no cost to me. The Mayor’s comments also come as a surprise to me because I understand that at least two councillors have asked the same question of staff and have received no response.

In my opinion the very fact that Mr. Johnson needed to go through this exercise and pay money confirms that the principles of “Accountability” and “Transparency” upheld by council are flawed and ultimately we have witnessed is another shameful example of the poor to non-existent communication to basic questions by citizens and business owners.

I guess all of the town’s affairs are on a need to know basis, and unless you know the mayor, you don’t need to know.


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