Doing less with more


It seems to me that the impetus behind Richard Johnson’s F.O.I request is to question how successfully, or not, the town has managed its resources.

A question that ultimately comes back to leadership.

To me, a great leader is one who does a lot with very little, yet under Phyllis’ reign what Aurora has witnessed is the reverse.

Warren G. Bennis said that “Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led.”

It costs more money, requires more staff and more consultants to undertake the town’s business than it did 4 years ago.  The output of which is severely diminished when compared to previous councils.

As taxpayers it costs us more each year, in exchange we receive less in services.

Under the 4 years of this council my property taxes have inflated from $3600/yr to $4400/yr.  That’s an $800 increase that has no justification.

The spin that we are constantly given is that Aurora is experiencing a “Renaissance”, and that change is, well “difficult”, not to mention costly.

Change isn’t necessarily difficult,.

Unnecessary, unwanted and over-managed change is.

It appears to me that this limited and elitist vision concocted by the same handful of people who are determined to force it upon the town at any cost.

Those in this town that have awoken to find the excessive depletion of so many of the town’s resources, the alarmingly high rate of displacement of citizens and staff are starting to recognize that cost, and are asking resonable questions to determine why.

Start looking around this town and draw your own conclusions as to what has been accomplished over the past 4 years.

What have we gained vs. what we have lost?

What has been quickly, and quietly replaced?  and why?

Years of collective intelligence have been jettisoned because they do not “fit” with this small elitist agenda, and the resulting byproduct of all this organizational re-gigging is a clear divisiveness and shattering of a once healthy community

Aurora, like Rome, wasn’t built in a day, but its trajectory towards cultural collapse seems eerily tangential.

Does anyone really want to live in the ashes of a once great town?

It’s time to stop those on council that are starting the fires, and their friends that are all to happily to add the gasoline.

To all the candidates in the upcoming 2010 election that are campaigning on regime change:

“Carpe Diem.”


Watts on your mind?

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