on the issue of attendance


There is now a request of staff's time to generate an attendance record for committees including council.

Similar to the request for a report of all "recorded votes" (instead of a more useful report of all votes) this request is indeed a complete waste of time.

I certainly didn't hear any public outcry that would warrant such a study.

One wonders where councilor MacHeckron gets off dreaming up these work projects for staff.

Given the eventful agenda of the July 13th council meeting is anyone asking where was councilor John Gallo?

Of the numerous council meetings I've watched he has been absent, or late to arrive due to "other business". 

Considering he was picked (not elected) I have to wonder exactly why councilor Gallo wanted to be on council so bad if he feel he has more important things to do with his time.

It also raises the question why he was appointed to certain committees when other councilors had expressed interest.

Overall I'm less interested in the attendance records of those on council, and more interested to see the involvement, or lack thereof of candidates who have filed their candidacy for councilor or Mayor.

Geoff Dawe was in attendance, but I didn't see any other candidate in the audience.

Given the meeting lasted a grueling 5 hours this is either a testament to Mr. Dawe's desire to participate and be informed in the process, or a question as to his sanity.

If there are any more studies being proposed to provide metrics for the public in the sake of "openness and transparency" I'd like to suggest that they deal less with who attends the meetings, and more on what gets accomplished.

How about one that deals with the length of council meetings.

I want to know the average length of council meetings of this term, compared with past terms.

I want to know the number of meetings that pass the hour of adjournment, compared with past terms.

And I want the attendance numbers of those who stayed past the hour of adjournment, because there is a good reason to question the sanity of those members.


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