All that Spazz


From day one The Aurora Jazz Festival was, not surprisingly, horribly mismanaged by none other than Snowball’s greatest spazz.

As a result the public was not properly informed as to what to expect with this new 2 day format that erected G-20 like fences around a public park, evicted Farmers Market vendors who had permits so they could be replaced with others, charged an necessary entrance fee and now I understand that instead of granting access to the washrooms at town park, that security turned away people at the gate because they didn’t have the $5 wristband. 

It took a town parks staff member to be called and arrive on scene to set things straight.

After displaying pictures of vehicles in the park, and citing this as a safety concern, then following up and having the bylaw officers handing out tickets to Farmers market vendors lo and behold vehicles were in the park during the festival.

Rules for some, but not for Sher.

I sure hope all the houses bordering onto the park enjoyed the music, because you can be sure that no notices were made to the residents, no opportunity to voice any concerns, and most likely no town bylaw enforcement officers available to act on any complaints.

What could have been a great community focused event, the Aurora Jazz Festival couldn’t have been more divisive or elitist, and after all the continued hassle that Sher has caused I question the town’s (or as I understand it the CAO’s) decision to sponsor it.

If anyone believes there is an R.O.I for the town for this event, then by all means please lay it out for us all to see.

From my vantage point we have given a private company (that’s not even located in town) cart blanche to use tax paid parks and services to charge citizens to attend a mediocre gathering for a steep profit which the town does not share in.

The event looked like it was heavily sponsored (including $2,000 for the town), and that it included several vendors so why was a $5 fee required at all? 

If this was not a profit grab, please explain how a donation of canned food to the local food bank would not have sufficed.

As for the use of the Cultural Center for a Black tie gala you can view a small video here:

As the camera spans the audience, which seems very sparse, there is of course another of Aurora’s bobble heads: Susan Walmer. 

Plastic dreams like this one are of course only shared by plastic people.

As the video ends on Sher, dressed up as a plastic Marilyn Monroe bobble-head.
She explains the greatness that is her, and her festival in only the way that she can.

Marilyn Monroe once said “I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one.”

I guess that is one of the many things that distinguish an iconic figure like Marilyn from a mediocre wannabe like Sher.


2 thoughts on “All that Spazz

  1. Take a look at the Markham Jazz festival that is coming up later in August. That is how to do it. Good lineup and it is free.

  2. All I can say is wow.

    If Aurora is serious about trying to compete with something this successful they’re going about it the wrong way.

    Look at the production quality, the sponsors, the line-up, and all for free!

    It’s located on a nice historic main street and they have properly addressed the local business tie ins and tourism components.

    Forget the St.Kitts show, I’m going to check this out for sure!

    Doubt I’ll run into any displaced Farmers market vendors, or have to hunt down a parks works person to let me in to use a public washroom.

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