“all this blog stuff”


Ron’s article on page 4 of The Auroran, week of August 24th makes reference to my personal blog, you can read it here:

blog stuff.pdf
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Unfortunately Ron didn’t include the URLs for the blogs he mentioned which only serves to reinforce print medium’s lack of connectivity.

Ron’s piece seemed preoccupied both with the notion of libel, and Anonymous comments in discussion forums, which is completely understandable coming from someone in the Newspaper business.

The thing about blogs is that they serve to share opinion, albeit in a much different way than a Newspaper opinion page.

And no, a newspaper column is not a blog.

To say that not all blogs are created equal is an understatement, one which seems to have escaped Ron’s notice.

My blog is a personal blog.  Nothing more, nothing less.

I use it to collect, share and express my opinions and creativity.
I post items out of interest and inspiration, I also comment on local community and political matters.  It was not my intent for my blog to be so heavily invested in local politics, but given the monumentally high level of ignorance and mismanagement in this area it is hard not to aknowledge and comment on it.

The chorus of disenchanted citizens is definitely growing and I’m adding my voice as well.

I present everything as opinion conveyed in an entertaining manner which as a Canadian citizen I am free to do this as part of my Charter rights and freedoms.

Along with my blog Ron mentioned two other active blogs that are community focused:

1.) The Aurora Citizen

The AuroraCitizen blog works as an open discussion thread allowing anyone to comment on moderated topics.  A much different dynamic at play than a personal blog.

Just as one comment to an article is not a conversation 300 separate comments on an article is not a conversation. 

I think commenting is the most overrated measure/indicator of conversation. Many online newspapers have commenting capability on every item, including commodities reports. I have never seen anyone comment on pork belly futures. It is a thin varnish of sociability layered on top of news that is useful to only a few.

In respect to commenting I have chosen not to allow Anonymous posts on my blog.
Both councilor Buck’s blog and the AuroraCitizen blog do.

If you explore the discussion threads over at the AuroraCitizen you will quickly discover that there is no way that it provides the pulse of the community.

A big part of that is due to allowing Anonymous posts.

Ron’s assertion that certain people sign their names to “everything” they write has nothing to back it up.

How is anyone to know if any or all of these people post under anonymous or pseudonyms in addition to their named posts?

That’s right, no one does.

2.) Our Town and Its Business

Evelyn Buck’s blog is much different in its construct.  Evelyn has divorced her personal and political posts into two.  In her political blog she expresses her opinions on the town as a whole along with her unique perspective into council. 

It is this very blog that has been heavily politically charged as a movement by the gang-of-six seeks to suppress her very Charter freedom of speech by trying , albeit extremely unsuccessfully, to censor her blog.

The gang-of-six firmly believes that citizens need to keep their opinions to themselves, or that citizens opinion’s are misinformed and less valuable than government propeganda.

This attitude needs to change and councilor Buck’s blog is a catalyst for this change.

One commonality that all blogs share is that none operate as a broadcast medium, in fact they are the complete opposite.  This very reason is why Blogs are reshaping politics around the globe and close to home.

There is a nice info-graphic of bloggers from last year here:


Better start familiarizing yourself with “all that stuff” because, unlike newspapers, blogs aren’t going anywhere.

And, also unlike a newspaper, you may even be inspired to start your own.

Watts on your mind?

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