Morris or Maverick?


Phyllis Morris is quickly earning herself the title “Aurora’s Sarah Palin”.

Although it did nothing to help Sarah Palin’s look she had a tanning bed installed in her house back

in 2007.  It made the press circuit, you can check out one of several posts here:

Apparently Phyllis recently signed a petition to outlaw tanning beds, complete with photo in the local narcissistic rag SNAP Aurora.

Even if you remove the fact that tanning may have adverse side effect it shows complete lack of forethought in making such a decision.

How does a Mayor who goes on and on about economic development and retention believe  that her actions would benefit local tanning outfits?

Add to this the fact that she actually held a membership to a tanning salon all the way up to as recent as last month.

Her hypocrisy is not all that surprising, it’s just that all this time I though Phyllis used spray-on tans to accompany her Value Village ensembles.

Especially with this now on the market:



Watts on your mind?

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