Open and shut case


Due to my vacation I missed out on Doors Open this year. 

Oh well one of these years I'll get to see the DeifenBunker.

When hearing about this year's event, the name stuck out in my mind "Doors Open", and it occurred to me the one place in town that could not advertise as participating. 

I of course am referring to town hall.

It goes without saying that this council has had an abnormally high number of closed door sessions. 

Quite strange considering so many campaigned and praised themselves on a commitment to "openness".

Andre Marin, Ontario's Ombudsman also believes this to be strange as outlined in this Toronto Star article titled "Too many municipal meetings secret"

After reading this one can be assured that any "reporting out" never reveals the true events that go on in those meetings, so I guess it's no suprise to find that the lack of openness seems to continue right up to the Mayor's office door.

Our Mayor comes across as one of the uber phony people that will shake your hand and say "my door is always open", but is this really the case?

The above expression is used so often by supervisors/managers/execs that it's beyond being a cliche.

There is a fantastic article on Management regarding the cliche here:

The most interesting part I took from this is that when someone actually DOES have an "Open Door" policy, that person never broadcasts it or talks about it.

The open door just IS. The person makes himself available to provide advice…or information…or simple feedback.

The way you know there isn't an open door, free-flow-of-info policy is when the supervisor keeps proclaiming it, over and over..

Sound familiar?

In Aurora doors may be open, but minds are a different matter altogether.


Watts on your mind?

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