The Mayor’s corn hole


A couple weekends back the Mayor held "The Mayor's cornroast" in the town park adjacent to the Aurora Farmers Market. 

It was hard to tell if this was a Farmers Market event or not.  It certainly didn't feel like it.

In fact it didn't feel like anything at all. 

It was just plain weird. 

For one thing it wasn't very well attended, most likely due to the highly political charge the very event exudes, and why it shouldn't be married to a Farmers Market to begin with.

I'm pretty sure I didn't see locally grown and prepared meat, vegetables, bread or condiments but instead stuff being carted in no doubt from a Longos or Sobeys.  No doubt another slap in the face to the Market vendors.

I'd even guess that the corn wasn't supplied by a Market vendor, but even if it was how much more could you miss an opportunity to provide "economic development" to the vendors.

The very idea of competing against Kevin's smokehouse is absurd.   Why not partner? 

Need hamburgers, sausages or chicken?  There are two meat vendors.

Want to showcase local condiments?  Howard Farms carries the best ones at the Market.

Need to make it a combo there are two coffee vendors and a bunch of sweets vendors that would be glad to partner up.

White spongey tasteless buns from Sobeys?  Why not use Toscannas?

I'm sure if she asked nicely she could get them custom made to include subtle campaign messages like this:


This recent lacklustre response to the Mayor's so called "events" seem to reinforce her dwindling support.

As this black hole grows the sense of panic from her campaign team will no doubt increase to fill the sucking void.


Watts on your mind?

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