Mayoral candidates websites : first impressions


Right now Mayor Phyllis Morris' website is effectively a single page desperately looking for campaign contributions.

I expect that won't be the case for long.
No doubt it will soon be filled with so many pictures of her (most taken by her Beard's disposable camera) that it will feel more like a flickr gallery.  A single glance at it will induce bile climbing up the back of one's throat.

So what are the other 4 mayoral candidates offering in regards of web presence?

Interestingly enough Nigel Kean's is by far the winner:

The website is crisp, clean, and even though it was most likely created using a template it works.

Aesthetically his logo and color scheme are very current and in keeping with the town's colours, his imagery is relevant and not overbearing.

His navigation is solid and consistent, the site is well laid out and not weighed down by useless info, extra verbiage or useless tidbits and downloads.

I am impressed with the effort, it represents his platform well.

Geoff Dawe's site: is a catastrophe.

It also looks like it was derived from a template, but one from the late 1990s.
Navigation is clunky, and having two selection areas is confusing and unnecessary.

The logo and overall presentation is off putting and shows a dated approach.
I'm unsure of the decision making behind the color scheme, Aurora is not represented at all with the Gold & Black.

There is far too much text for anyone to read, the images are from stock catalogs which makes the site cold and indifferent.  If you're running for mayor wouldn't you strive to include some personalized photos instead of some cheesy stock photos?

Web polls and relevant election information are nice additions, but more fluff than substance.
There is some jumping off links to social media sites that weren't visible on Nigel's site.

The incorporation of a blog, albeit buried, provides a small reason to return to the site where little else does.

Roger Clowater's site:  is so amateurish that it is so embarrassing to even delve into in any detail.

There is no consistency in design, no understanding of navigation and a real mess for any user to understand exactly what they are supposed to derive from the material.

His news section shows a golf event almost 2 months out of date and for some unexplained reason there is no connectivity to Roger's weblog: from his main site, but seeing as there is nothing of interest in the blog this can hardly be seen as much of a draw back.

There is a link to a YouTube group that lists 6 videos, 2 of which are talking head videos related to his campaign, the other look like vacation videos.

The logo looks like it was designed in the Nixon era, it lacks warmth and originality and it is so far out of date it doesn't even have any camp factor.

Roger would have been better just keeping his send-Roger Clowater-a-Tshirt Facebook page.

Miloslav Prikryl doesn't have a website, which is surprising as his LinkedIn profile shows him as a "computer software professional".  I guess either Mr. Prikryl is late out of the gate, and seeing that he has supplied a gmail address  ( hasn't even set up a domain name for his web presence.

A website alone may not make or break a candidate, but as an integral component of social media in municipal politics here in the year 2010 it affords each candidate a powerful opportunity to engage voters who they will never have the opportunity to do so in person.

It's true what they say about first impressions and I have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised by Nigel's efforts.  All the candidates could learn a lot from Mr Kean's site.


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