Too late for tears


I was disappointed to read in this week's Auroran that councilor Allison Colins-Mrakas is not seeking re-election.
But not as disapointed as I am in the gang-of-six for creating such a hostile work environment that now 3 councilors : Allison, Bob McRoberts and Grace Marsh have decided to call it quits.

Of all the councilors at the table I felt that Allison represented my interests the closest.

She exudes integrity in a place where it was being sucked out like a vacuum, and her recent questioning of David Tsubouchi was nothing short of poetry. 

Always eloquent and effective, respectful and respected.

Allison is the kind of councilor each of the gang-of-six hates because they know they will never equal.

Let's hope there is an Allison-in-the-rough in this new batch of candidates.

It's a tough racket indeed.


2 thoughts on “Too late for tears

  1. Amen. Let’s just hope in four years there will be room for her at the table, as she’s obviously overqualified to be a councillor. I suspect that her intelligence and depth of knowledge probably felt threatening to a few people in the room.

  2. I’m continually freaked out how eerily this old movie poster looks like Alison and “Mr CAO” Neil Garbe.

    When you see it, you can’t un-see it.

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