I’m the mayor…. and nobody beats me!


The Mayor’s website is up ( http://www.phyllismorris.net/ ) and it is exactly as I predicted.  Pictures and spin, no substance.

The only picture missing from her website is the one I included above.

The most laughable quote, and there are several, that show her pompous arrogance is:

“In areas such as the environment, town planning and heritage preservation, she is often at the leading edge of what is happening in politics in Canada and the world.”

Canada….the world?

Who wrote this bullshit?

Campaigning in 2006 on a promise of transparency and accountability yet behaving in a manner that makes a mockery of both of these principles Phyllis is back for more, campaigning as though she is the fictional character from the Seinfeld TV show “The Whiz”.

Nobody beats Phyllis in egotism, rudeness, piousness and downright ignorance.

She was even prancing around Ribfest with her cheap Lululemon knock-off jacket with the word “MAYOR” on the back.  I wonder if anyone stopped her to let her know that the word “OUT GOING” had fallen off.

Come October 25th watch for her on a late night infomercial, because she’s making this race too easy.  Any of the other candidates could easily do the job she has so horribly bungled.


Watts on your mind?

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