signing on the dotted line


I took this picture a couple days back when visiting my old street.  It’s nice to know that my old neighbors have both a sense of humor and are involved enough in the local political scene to reach such a logical conclusion. 

No doubt the immediate reaction to the sign for some will be that by not committing to an opponent this mindset is ripe for creating a vote split similar to what we saw in the last election.

To that I say Pshaw.

More signs like this need to be crafted and erected.  Alongside other candidates signs is fine too. 

The sentiment needs to ring as loud and clear on people’s lawns as it does in casual conversation: 

No MORRIS of the same!

There’s a small sign in the top left corner of the picture I took, one of several that are popping up on more lawns than any of the other 4 candidates.  The AuroraCitizen blog actually has a tally on residential lawn signs, you can see the number split there: :

I was surprised at the split in numbers, because as Mr. Dawe reported in this week’s Auroran he has been the victim of sign theft, not to mention vandalism.  I understand he has had between 40-60 signs stolen, which if they have not been replaced only serve to increase the spread.

Real and positive change to the mayor’s office is upon us, and whoever decided to steal/vandalize these election signs, sees this is an obvious threat.

With the recent gaffs our Mayor has committed in the past week (dismissing the small business study, her conduct at the library board meeting, failing to comment on a newspaper article for her very own Mayora Banner..) this race isn’t hers to lose, she’s actually going to have to fight hard just to come in 2nd.

There was more election sign brewhaha over the preceding week that provoked me to submit a letter to this week’s Auroran, you can read it here:

Download this file

Without repeating the article I was rebutting an entry from the previous week, September 14th, by whiny political-wanabe Brad Snell.  Mine was one of two entries that corrected Mr. Snell’s foolish and ignorant remarks.

Additionally I also commented on 2 large “Phyllis Morris” signs that were illegally erected (no surprise) on “the St. Kitts woman”‘s residence….in King Township.  A quick visit to both the King Township and Aurora bylaw offices seemed to remedy that in short order.  I noticed on a drive past today that both signs have been removed.

Here is a photo of how they stood a week ago:


You’d expect a campaign team would do a little more due diligence regarding sign placement, especially considering as this one isn’t even in Aurora! but sadly this is just another blatant disregard for the rules from both Sher St. Kitts and Mayor Morris.

30 days and counting until we can rid our town of both.

To which I say : sign me up!


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