small business, as unusual


I'm surprised more fanfair hasn't been made over a recent vital study conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business as reported by the Mayora Banner here:–mayor-dismisses-small-biz-study

Conducted as a benchmark for small business, the study is polling actual business owners, not extrapolating or spinning data as they the town often see's fit.

So exactly what did the seemingly meaningless "year of business" achieve exactly?

Here's a synopsis:

From June 2009 until July 2010, 90 Aurora businesses were asked to rate local government on:

  • Overall awareness of small business sector – 13 per cent good; 28 per cent adequate; 59 per cent poor
  • Reasonable property tax levels – 5 per cent good; 40 per cent adequate; 55 per cent poor
  • Fairness of bylaws and regulations – 16 per cent good; 59 per cent adequate; 25 per cent poor
  • Control of government wage levels – 5 per cent good; 21 per cent adequate; 74 per cent poor
  • Value-for-money of public services – 12 per cent good; 58 per cent adequate; 30 per cent poor

How is it that our Mayor believes she can "dismiss" Ontario vice-president Satinder Chera's statement :

"These results are a wake-up call for local leaders who need to become more engaged in addressing the local issues that matter to small business.”

Especially considering 40% of local business is made up of small business?

How is it that the Economic Development Advisory Committee chaired by council candidate Chris Ballard could have failed our business community so catastrophically?

I find it extremely interesting how by comparison Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen's response is the complete opposite.  Instead of dismissing the alarm that has been sounded he seems to rush towards it:

“There is always an opportunity for improvement,  I am proud of the fact that we ranked the highest in the awareness category in the GTA." 

As for the dissatisfaction expressed about the control over government wages, he is not turning a blind eye, as he believes the town should improve communication surrounding the calculation of wages.

What is it about criticism that Aurora's Mayor has such a problem with?  Why is she so afraid to admit she makes mistakes?

Our tendency to err is also what makes us smart. Here's a great piece that covers what we'd gain from embracing it:

I guess it's too little too late for our Mayor to change her ways.

I guess instead we can expect the Mayor's office to circulate the following door signs to local small businesses:


Anyone operating a small business in aurora can obviously see how their needs are not being met by the current Mayor, council and committee.

On October 25th let's say it together:  "you are dismissed!"


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