If a council conducts business in the chamber but it isn’t on TV is it really a council?


So a month back council was humming and hawing about when the right time was to pull the plug on the Rogers TV cameras.

Only after the concern was raised at Open Forum the cameras about them being pulled after that meeting they ended up staying, at least until August 17th.

Then without any mention they were yanked.

Which I thought was fine, but that was before I found that council was still sitting!

Desperate to conclude several items that should have been finalized 1 or 2 years earlier in the term they're still conducting meetings.

I understand this past week's council meeting was in keeping in length with every previous meeting, it concluded at 1AM!


The reason for removing the cameras was given that they were simply following what is done in other municipalities.

Okay, fine.

But if you're going to apply that logic why is this LAME DUCK council still sitting at all?  Other regional council have finished.  They accept that their term is complete and they are indeed LAME DUCKS.  How can Aurora council not see the hypocrisy here?

How can they not understand that they exude inefficiency by running meetings into the wee hours of the morning.

Meetings that they should not need to be held if the town's business was properly carried out over the term.

I don't buy the bullshit statement that cameras are removed so that they don't provide an advantage to the incumbents.

This council extols to great length about transparency, how do they expect to achieve this with the lens cap on?

What exactly are they trying to hide from the TV viewing public's eyes?


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