sitting lame ducks


Wendy "Waterfowl" Gaertner, the one councilor who seems to object to councilor Buck's very presence at the council chamber, the one who takes exception to almost everything councilor Buck says and writes, was crying fowl at last Tuesday's GC meeting about how she objected to Buck's recent comments that council is in fact a "lame duck".

There were no cameras rolling to capture the outrage, and with all the time wasted on comments back and forth I'm surprised the gang-of-six didn't just proceed with filing another I.C. complaint.

How dare a fellow councilor point out that council is in effect "lame".

Especially when in the very same hour of the very same meeting a vote was reached to suspend council meetings.

Not an ounce of hypocrisy there, huh Wendy?

A "sitting" council with no scheduled meetings, means that council is not prioritizing or accomplishing with any schedule any of the town's business sure sounds lame to me.

Which is exactly what councilor Gaertner has proven to be all this term.

So I guess its not surprising that she would take exception because to her I guess her role won't change in the remaining month of the term.


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