crawling out of the woodwork


If you want to see how things are highly orchestrated by MorMac, one only needs to dissect last nights council meeting.

Any issue will do, and there were so many, but I wish to start with the Wretch house.

Evilina recently defended her motion for spending an additional $36K on the Petch House as as an effort to engage the community, her words in the Auroran were someone may take it on as a “project of love.”

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Lo and behold who shows up at council Tuesday night but someone who happens to fix shit boxes for both a living, and for……that’s right, love.

The mayor responded by saying “Wow, it sounds like a miracle”, there were tears of joy in her eyes and I thought that the cheesy theme song for the Three Musketeers movie was going to start playing over the council speakers.

A miracle indeed.

Or is it?

Like so many agenda items, an all to convenient (and showcased as the ONLY POSSIBLE) solution surfaces at the last minute in an attempt to add dome credibility to a collapsing council.

How did this individual make it to council, well it turns out that Evilina instructed him to.

He actually showed up asking when his time was to present.  He didn’t have a delegation status, one has to wonder why?

If Evilina knew of this individual and the solution why did she propose this presentation as a delegation, and introduce the materials and gentlemen to council before his arrival?

Apparently this individual never participated in the town’s RFP because, well, he thought he could do the job for considerably less, and didn’t see a reason submitting a proposal.  So of course with a project that has lasted over 4 years already waiting till the last council meeting of the term before coming forward makes total sense.

Pictures were shown of other building he’s participated in restoring.  He seemed to have an impressive history in the field of restoring wood houses.

He mentioned a figure of low 100,000s to rebuild the house.  His presentation didn’t include details and a breakout of how he arrived at this figure.  He admitted that there were insurance and liability issues that would be outside this figure.  He speculated on the possibility of forming corporate partnerships to assist in the funding of the project but didn’t show any evidence to support past projects conducted in this fashion or any interested parties to participate in this one.

With all of these loose ends I’m not confident that the total would be under $200,000.

Even if it was the bigger question remains:  Is the Petch house worth restoring?

And, god forbid the answer is yes, how much TAX PAYER’S MONEY, should be allocated to such a project?

Another individual approached the microphone at Open Forum and his opinion, which seemed to echo through the council chamber with a lasting round of applause, was that not a single dollar should be spent of tax money on the Petch house for reasons already stated.

In the same article in the Auroran the Mayor also defended Evilina’s motion, she even went so far as to make comparisons to the Hillary House and the Church Street School.

Anyone can see the Petch House is no such structure, drawing comparisons is lofty and foolish to say the least.

As the Petch house was outside of the town’s boarders it is not relevant to Aurora’s heritage.

If anyone from the town of Witchurch Stoufville felt compelled to secure the house for their history they have been given ample opportunity.  The fact that the family was contacted and other buildings were rescued and the Petch house was left speaks to the lack of interest and significance this pile of logs has.

Why should Aurora Tax payers fit the bill for some shmo’s “project of love” which involves a house of no historic value to our town?

If this “miracle person” is that much “in love” with the house perhaps he can work out the logistics of corporate partnership as part of his presentation, which also needs to include a final resting place, which need not be in our town.

I suggest when he does he presents this to Witchurch-Stoufville’s council and not ours.

Lets put even a fraction of the money being talked about here towards something that this council has promised and conveniently swept under the floorboards of the Church Street School:  The Aurora Museum.

Until this is erected, curated and open to the public I don’t want to hear another word about the Wretch house, and from what I’ve been hearing on the street, no one else does either.


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