Scratch-and-sniff radio : can you smell that Snell?


Newmarket's Les Nessman ( ) : Brad Snell, doesn't pass the sniff test, and you don't even need a big whiff.

Brad's running for councilor in ward 5 of Newmarket.

His website is simply laughable:

Interestingly enough his calendar on his website is entirely empty:

Seems strange for someone in the grips of the election, but that's just my opinion.

Confused as to why he would badmouth his own Farmers Market and instead give kudos to the Aurora Farmers Market back in the summer (as commented on here: and here: ) then post to the Auroran regarding election signs inferring that challengers to the current Mayor are in violation of a municipal act (as commented on here: started to peak my curiosity.

It wasn't until I found a connection between Mr. Snell and Sher St. Kitts that it all fell into place.

Brad Snell has a "radio blog", whatever the fuck that is.

Here is one of the shows he has hosted, featuring none other than Sher St. Kitts as a guest:

Here is the synopsis:

Join host Brad Snell and music organizer ,promoter Sher St. Kitts when we talk about the music scene in York Region. What is involved in the promotion and organizing of events to get your band noticed and what are the pitfalls of the music industry?

He may have a face for radio but listening to Mr. Snell is painful, unless you are an insomniac looking for a tool to induce deep sleep.

He introduces Sher as an "Auroran resident", she corrects him by saying she is a resident of "King City" which is also untrue, she is a resident of Snowball, King Township. Why is that so difficult for these two to know where they live?

Sher goes on to blow her own trumpet, and laughably says something to the effect that "being big and famous is great, but it's just not what we want to do."

Whatever, like it's a choice.

In this show Brad had as a guest another candidate for councilor in Newmarket.

In his introduction he couldn't be any more condescending, he actually says: "I'd like to apologize for your last name"


If there is anyone that should apologize for their  last name perhaps it should be Brad…Snell, Snell, Snnnnelllll, Snelllllll.

Interestingly enough Sher St, Kitts has her own "radio blog" using the very same format BlogTalkRadio:–music-arts-marketalk

Here is the synopsis of a show she hosted with Brad Snell as a caller:

George St Kitts interviewed regarding Aurora jazz+ Festival 2010; Markham Jazz Festival discussed, Doors Open 2010 Aurora, Dina Christie Celebrity Challlenge, YRArts Council, Aurora Cultural Centre… Caller Brad Snell and local comments!

Brad had to comment on the Farmers Market, and even more laughable when referring to service clubs the "Optometrist club".

Sher had to follow up with her "Renaissance" comment, making an off hand comment saying that she's having trouble getting her word out, that the press is suppressing her.

Suppressing Sher?

Good god, you mean there is more Sher that never made it out to us?

She eluded to Brad having the same trouble.

If that is the case then I have to say : hey Brad, in case you couldn't get the just of this post here it is in sign language:


Watts on your mind?

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