in the face of questionable polls and unfounded political propaganda


“in the face of questionable “polls” and unfounded political propaganda, Keep integrity in Aurora…  Thank you!  Sher”

This was the short message circulated around the interwebs by Sher earlier this week.

I assume the questionable polls to which she is referring are the ones over at the Auroran ( ), which not suprisingly, place Phyllis towards the bottom of the stack with a lowly 18% of the vote.

I’m not sure what Sher questions exactly about the poll exactly, she doesn’t bother to get into specifics, but we all know that isn’t her strong suit.

As for “unfounded political propaganda” I can only exoect that she means this long rambling and nonsensical communication thrown up by the the Phyllis Morris campaign team titled: An important message to supporters of Aurora Mayor Phyllis Morris.

I will include, in its entirety the message, and with my bullshit button at the ready interject my opinion as I see fit.
What a great start of the first week of the campaign to re-elect Phyllis Morris as Mayor of Aurora!

The first week of campaigning?

Didn’t the mayor announce back in August?  What is the deal with launching her campaign at the end of September?
1. Many of you were among the hundreds of people who joined Monday’s campaign launch celebration, which was the best-attended for any Aurora candidate this election year.

Hundreds seems unlikely as a quick count of the cars in the parking lot, and as the event was on industrial parkway one would need a car to get there, there was at most 50.  So how many people were there? Hundred(s)?

Seems a little on the high side.

In fact, one attendee who had been at the campaign launches for some other prominent Greater Toronto Area politicians said it may have been the best-attended in the whole of the GTA this year.


Read that again :  “the best-attended in the whole of the GTA this year”

So Phyllis’ campaign team is delusional enough to believe their launch superseded that of the mayoral candidates in Toronto, Missisauga, & Vaughn?

I think not.

Aurorans are enthusiastic about Mayor Phyllis Morris’ positive vision for the future of Aurora.

No they are not, they have been vocal about Phyllis’ abysmal track record, they are enthusiastic about seeing a positive vision for the future of Aurora that will come about after Phyllis is voted out of office.

The Mayor wishes to thank everyone for their donations, participation and encouragement.

  2. And we learned the vast majority of Town Council members, like the Mayor, support Aurora’s new urban plan, which required the coordination of three major interrelated and complex urban planning processes, beginning more than three years ago. On Tuesday night, Aurora Town Council passed, by a wide margin, the new Official Plan for Aurora. An important component of the new Official Plan is the Aurora Promenade Urban Design Strategy, which protects Aurora’s heritage and neighbourhoods while creating a focus for smart economic revitalization in the Yonge and Wellington streets corridor.



The Promenade Study is completely flawed. It completely neglects the historic downtown core of our town.

It’s the first big picture plan for the heart of our Town — ever.


Phyllis must have a short memory as the town of Aurora has been around for a very long time and has a vibrant history.  Throughout its growth it has seen the growth of industry due to the railroad, it has grown up and out to serve 2 world wars and become a fantastic home to over 50,000 people.  This before any of this Promenade study, which when viewed in this context is widely insignificant and more of a politically charged study than anything of substance

The Town was assisted by the ideas and contributions of thousands of residents and business owners, and one of the Greater Toronto Area’s top urban planning firms.


Thousands of residents and business owners?  Where did this figure come from.  Even if a tally of attendance was made for each public event one can not assume that you can reach an accumulated total, and that none of the people attending were not the same attendees from other meetings.

What does it matter if attendance was high, apparently business owners have repeatedly voiced their concerns and been shut out of the process.

(The Planning Partnership will be designing the new streetscape for Toronto’s Union Station and was involved in the new Sugar Beach at Toronto’s waterfront.)

Whoop de shit…who cares.

The new Official Plan sets the Town on course to protect important natural features and wetlands in the north east section of Aurora. It protects strategic lands for future employment uses, and their anticipated 5,000-6,000 new jobs and significant tax revenue. And it creates an opportunity for great new neighbourhoods, applying conservation-focused building standards.

“Significant tax revenue”  Uh huh.  I guess any tax payer in town will be contributing to this “significant tax revenue” as taxes continue to climb under the MorMac regime.
The following Councillors voted for the detailed plan, which was created over the course of nearly two years after the most extensive public consultation process in the Town’s history:



“The most extensive public consultation process in the Town’s history”

WTF?  How insulting to insinuate that some shoddy half-assed study is more extensive than the building of our great town, the arrival of the streetcar, the building of places of worship and schools…..

What a complete blight on Aurora’s history.
Congratulations to the Mayor for personally leading this important initiative and to Chris Ballard, the chair of the Town’s Economic Development Advisory Committee, for his role as vice-chair of the study group for the Aurora Promenade Strategy and Councillor Gallo for his role as vice chair of the 2C Secondary Plan and Official Plan Review, on which Councillors Gaertner and MacEachern served.

Yes congratulations to all of these ass-hats for continually eroding any economic development from our town.  You all deserve many awards, pictures in the paper, to be showered with money and fame.  You are the best of the best.  Aurora would be nothing without you.

My god, this is sickening to read.

3. And today the Mayor was outstanding in the first important debate of the election season — the Rogers TV debate. You’ll be able to see the debate, taped for future release, in the days ahead.


I heard she came across both cold, confrontational, confused and panicky.

Among other issues, the Mayor talked about how the Town has turned the tables on rising taxes. In 2001, tax increases raced ahead at 9 percent. This year the Council whittled the increase down to 2.8 percent.


My taxes in 2005 were $3600, in 2010 they were $4400.

There are no tables turned on rising taxes.  Taxes are high, will remain high and go even higher due to significant waste of the towns financial resources and reserves to be used for insignificant pet projects and to fight personal political battles.

You may have read in the papers that the former mayor who gave us that nine percent tax increase now backs one of the Mayor’s opponents.

That would Be Tim Jones backing Geoff Dawe, what’s the secret in the endorsement?

It’s hard to beckon back to yester-year about high taxes when this council is guilty of the same.  This is clearly trying to paint oneself in a different light.

And the Mayor’s only opponent with any municipal government experience was a member of Town Council at the time of the big tax hike.

Phyllis has been around since 1996, she is responsible for the very issues she is trying to raise.

You may recall that Phyllis Morris didn’t serve in 2001 because she had been defeated in her bid for mayor.

As she will be again in 2010

But six years later, the voters gave Mayor Morris the chance to lead Council in slowing down the tax hikes. And she’s done just that!


It’s taken hard work, but the Mayor and Town Council have taken strong steps to ease the burden on residential taxpayers and make growth pay for growth. How? Town Council completed the first major reorganization of the Town administration since the 1980s.

An unnecessary reorganization that added an additional cost of $4 million dollars annually, replaced all but one senior position and required countless 3rd party contractors and studies to be completed because of Phyllis’ non existent H.R. skills and her lack of civility with town staff that has earned her a reputation at the regional level that she will never shake off.

Real growth of the commercial tax base was promoted and achieved, despite the major economic recession. And now development charges are appropriate.


Promoted?  How exactly?  Through a cheesy website made by a committee headed by a communications hack that knows nothing about communication, or business?

Appropriate?  Hardly.
In the debate, the Mayor listed a long list of additional accomplishments of Town Council her opponents picked at (some might say bickered about) but couldn’t dispute, including:

  •    The Aurora Cultural Centre at Church Street School, and a flourishing public interest in arts, culture and heritage.

Easy to dispute: Phyllis appointed her campaign manager to the board.  The “museum” that was to be included in the Church Street School never materialized.  The Cultural Center was late opening, and it costs the town annually $100,000 and will do so for another 4 years.

•    A bigger, better Farmers’ Market at Town Park instead of in a bland, hidden-away parking lot.

Bigger, Better?  Maybe “louder” and more impersonal

The Farmers Market was fine until “Special Events” and Sher St. Kitts arrived on the scene.  A council liaison was unnecessary and appointing Councilor Granger to threaten market vendors including a little girl selling ice cream is hardly an accomplishment.    Allowing the Jazz Festival to usurp the town park and uproot vendors did nothing to make the market better.

•    The new senior baseball diamond, completed a year ahead of schedule.

And having some “concerned residents” invited to council to ask tax payers to plant trees to mask some unsightly baseball diamond lights seemed totally reasonable to our mayor.  After all it’s only your tax dollars, and let’s not forget the town is projecting significant tax revenue.

•    Two artificial turf playing fields that will save the Town millions of dollars in land acquisition and operating costs.

And, of course, even more has been done — such as:
•    The Master Parks and Recreation Plan and recreation pricing policy one of her opponents failed to complete in his own past term of office.

The Master Wreck plan was just that, a wreck.  It was 50% over budget, incomplete when passed, and this after a whole year with nothing being done.

•    A comprehensive, town-wide Trails Master Plan.

That included spending $80,000 to appease one lone nut job in town and delay the connection of the Nokida trail.

•    A host of new popular town-wide seasonal events for families, from Easter Egg hunts to the enormously popular Halloween Haunted Forest.

Oooh, ahhhh.  Wow.  Let’s not forget those “Mayor Days” : Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, Mayor’s Coarn Roast, Mayor’s Blood Drive, Mayor’s anti-litter day, Mayor’s-so-awesome day…..

It’s like the town has adopted “Ray days” and decided to have Paris Hilton’s grandmother parade around as some kind of attraction.

Enormously popular….please.

•    The best Canada Day Parades ever seen in Aurora.

I guess, if you were not to include some of the first Canada Day parades which if you did would be a huge insult to Aurora’s history and all of the volunteers and community of those parades which I understand put the plastic parades Sher has assembled to shame.

•    A process to protect and enjoy the Anne Bartley Smith lands.

Eventually, by acquiring and therefore having to maintain said lands without access for another 5 years.  Sounds like a bad deal to me.

•    The plan for the Urban Wildlife Park wetlands protection plan.
•    And a deal that will earn taxpayers more than $130,000 a year in rental income from the former Aurora Hydro building. Worth waiting for.

Worth waiting for?  How much revenue has been lost with the building sitting dormant for this entire term of office?
The other candidates in the debate failed to match her experience, or knowledge.


A puddle of urine could match Phyllis’s experience and knowledge.
One candidate, Geoffrey Dawe, when asked about the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan — the Lake Simcoe watershed is the source of our local ground water — said flatly he was not prepared for the question.
Amazing! How can a candidate for Aurora Mayor be unprepared to talk about the Lake Simcoe watershed and water resource management!?

  Mayor Morris was prepared, as always. She served as one of only two Mayors on a special stakeholder advisory committee concerned with the Watershed, by appointment of the Minister of the Environment.

  Another candidate, Nigel Kean, complained he was hearing complaints about the new Official Plan — he said he thought Town Council needed to spend more time listening to complaints.
But the Mayor pointed out the complaints are coming mostly from those interested in building 10-story buildings in our downtown, and confronted with this he had nothing to say,
except that he didn’t favour 10-story buildings in Aurora.

So the mayor didn’t listen to Mr. Kean’s complaint.  Well at least she is consistent in her dismissal of people concearned with small business, and those operating in the downtown core.

And candidate Roger Clowater, after lodging a general complaint and being pressed for details, could provide none.

It takes knowledge and experience built up over years to do the complex job of being both Mayor of Aurora and a member of York Region Council. You need to know the system and your community.

Phyllis knows neither.  Which is why as the autocrat she is she has usurped the system, instituted a culture of fear, divided town staff and replaced the people around her with puppets.  By doing so she knows less and less of her community  daily as she shrinks into her tower of bullshit.
As a supporter of Mayor Phyllis Morris, it’s your turn to get out the facts about what has been the best Aurora Town Council in a decade or more. Many of you are active on Town committees and deeply involved in and passionate about the community. Please help the Mayor bring the facts to the voters of Aurora. Talk to your neighbours, your friends, your work associates about the great job Mayor Phyllis Morris has done.

…..destroying our great town.

get the word out : No MORRIS of the same in 2010

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