if at first you don’t succeed, lie, lie again


As the election grows closer it’s getting harder and harder to see any separation between the mare (read mayor) and the manure pile.

The AuroraCitizen has a recent post (with a somewhat silly title) regarding the mayor caught in a lie, you can read it here : http://auroracitizen.ca/2010/10/02/liar-liar-pants-on-fire/

The Mayor goes on the offensive and clearly states that she received a cease and desist letter from the 1st integrity comissioner Mr. Nitken that her and the gang-of-six fired.  The letter was written in response to Mayor Morris who chose to bad mouth Mr. Kitken and his credentials.  She grandstands for the camera and everything.

Then in a recent General Comittee meeting of September 21st what appears in the minutes is the Mayor, on record, stating that she never received a cease and desist “order”, and this was some “rumor”.


First of, semantics, letter or order, the fact remains you are a LIAR!

A wise man once said that the truth is an incredible thing. No matter how deep you try to bury it – it will always come to the surface. No matter how much you twist it – it is resilient. And no matter how many times you tell a lie – it never becomes the truth.

The Economist recently had a great article on corporate psychology titled “How to tell if your boss is lying” : http://www.economist.com/node/16847818.

After watching Phyllis’ mayoral speech at the recent All candidates meeting it is easy to pick out all of these traits.

So go ahead Phyllis, shovel on the bullshit.

The only one it’s sticking to is you.


Watts on your mind?

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