Hey MacEachern, you don’t know Dick!


Long before the town was introduced to blogs, there was another venue for Aurora residents to get their weekly dose of sanity and that of course was via the late Dick Illingworth’s column Brickbats & Bouquets.

Councilor Buck has posted on her blog that Councilor MacEchern has circulated to candidates for council a select entry from Mr. Illingworth’s column:  http://evelynmbuck.blogspot.com/2010/10/check-my-personal-blog.html

Councilor MacEchern either wants the public to believe, or is delusional enough to actually believe herself that Mr. Illingworth was a close friend and supported her and the Gang-of-six on council this term.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is with great sadness that we lost Mr. Illingworth, I mean Mr. Aurora, last year, and I often wonder what he must be thinking when viewing the council and committee meetings from the great press box in the sky.

Mr Illingworth’s death was posted in the Toronto Star with a short article on his life, there was one comment registered and I thought it was worth including here too:  http://www.thestar.com/article/612267#comments

Dick will be missed by one and all

While I do not live in Aurora(how many of us can afford to?) I do work there and have read and enjoyed many of Mr. Illingworth’s articles in the Auroran over the past few years. I think it says a lot about the current quality of mayors and councillors in York Region when a 92 year old gentleman-nearly three decades removed from office, has more of a pulse on the issues and happenings than those that currently represent the public. While none of them would dare say it, I’m sure many of them saw Dick as a thorn in their side pointing out the obvious incompetence and mismanagement that happens on an almost daily basis. The truth hurts and Dick was as honest as they come.  He will be missed-not only by friends and family but by those of us who relied on him to tell us what really was happening in town after tossing aside the council’s press releases. Let’s us only hope someone will be half as brave and tells it like it is-like Dick used to.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has an opposing view to Morris, MacHeckron or the rest of the MorMac gang, is quickly dismissed, much effort is given to “clarify” the “facts” and the opinions are labeled as “negative” and therefore any criticism raised is not worthy of discussion.

We have all been told that writers to the Auroran, of which there have been hundreds, blog authors, as well as contributors are “dissenters” and that their views because they do not align with MorMac are not productive and, to use the Mayor’s recent words at an All candidate’s meeting : leading the town to disrepute.

This American right-wing “with us or against us” mentality” has stifled democracy in our town to the point where staff and elected officials have left because they are unable to do their without aggressive interference and obstruction from MorMac.  Lawsuits are the tool that MorMac reaches for as opposed to working towards civil conflict resolution.

Councilor MacEachern has consistently driven a wedge between members of council, members of committee and town staff.  We have seen resignations and a high turnover of staff as a direct result.  Dick exposed her inexcusable behavior in one of his brickbats here:


I took the time to review every single Brickbat & Bouqet that Dick wrote from the time that this past council took office until he died and upon a quick tally have found 47 Brickbats & 12 Bouqets, the latter being extended to individuals that were trying to challenge or work with what he saw as a highly fractured and dysfunctional council.

I have extracted all of them and am including them here, grouping them into theme’s for easier reading.

The pattern emerges is self-evident.

To say that Dick wasn’t upset with the downward spiral that council has taken is but another in a long line of untruths spread by the Mayor and her gang.

This particular Brickbat sums up the past 4 years very well:


and I would add: …especially another 4.

As a community we have the opportunity to make Dick proud again, to restore confidence and purpose to the council chamber, to get on with the business of the town in an inclusive manner and to, as one candidate’s slogan has put it “restore the aura to Aurora”

I have a good idea who Mr. Aurora would be voting for come Oct 25th, and I’m following his lead.

You can too, just follow the trail of breadcrumbs Dick left behind:

On Lack of Productivity

On Treatment of Staff

On Lack of Transparency

On Rampant Egotism

On Sheer Ignorance

On Applying Rules Inconsistently

On Abuse of Power






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