Thursday meet & drink featuring Temporary Sanity’s own Christopher Watts


With all the candidates engaged in the final push of their campaigns, this means an increase in meet & greets, coffee meetings (no doubt Nigel is idling outside one of our Timmie’s right now as part of his campaign) and I started to think why should politicians have all the fun?

So I have decided to hold a couple meet & greets of my own.

More like meet & drinks, they will take place on the next 2 Thursdays between 7:30PM and 9PM @ King Henry’s Arms :

Consider this an open invitation to approach me with your opinions on my blog, the political landscape in Aurora and in general, the upcoming election, how to peel the wax off a Babybel in one smooth motion….effectively anything on your mind.

Alternatively you can take the opportunity to attempt intimidation, hurl insults, project cold stares in my direction…by now I’ve seen it all.

If you don’t know me I’ll be the approachable red headed guy, picture the complete opposite of Chris “the weasel” Ballard and you’ve got me.

So candidates, residents, market goers, seniors, students (of age), volunteers and neighbors come on out and grab a drink with me.

King Henry’s has live music that starts up at 9PM and the bands they have are excellent so I will most likely stay past 9 and enjoy the music, I hope you can as well.


3 thoughts on “Thursday meet & drink featuring Temporary Sanity’s own Christopher Watts

  1. Thanks Brent! Hope to see you there. I think I will give my “not the mayor” shirt a break and instead sport an Aurora shirt that I designed myself and am equally proud to wear.


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