Town of Aurora – powered by bullshit


I’m upset to learn that in our current economic climate that the Town of Aurora is purchasing energy at above market rates from some shoddy outfit called “bullfrog power” :

Bullfrog Power (TM) is one of these “Green energy” companies, whose business model is predicated upon shameless moneymaking on peoples good intentions.

How do they do it?

Effectively they make money from taxing our guilt.

It`s like selling tap water and calling it cleaner bottled water, which you can pay a premium for, after all “Bullfrog Power does cost a little more than regular electricity”

They even have the audacity to engage in marketing campaigns like this one:


The following snippet I lifted from an article on SmartCanucks a Canadian consumer shopping online community site:

Ontario Power will pay them X dollars per kilowatt-hour but you and I can get suckered into paying them X dollars plus a bit for those same kilowatt-hours, duped by our own noble good nature in wanting to help. They already have the windmills and generators, they had investors and boards of directors and business plans and it all made sense because they had the guarantee of market rates for their green power. But they figured out a way to get a government-subsidy … by taxing our guilt.

I fail to see why Bullfrog Power needs to charge more for their energy.

Where does this extra money go?  Is it for ‘educational campaigns for green energy” that are unnecessary, absorbed by the administration charges for running the company or does it go straight to profit?

If a particular resident, business or group wishes to purchase energy from an outfit like this it is their choice to do so, but the town using tax payers money should not.


Watts on your mind?

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