I inherited a dysfunctional government


Joseph Davis is not alone in making this statement, we too in Aurora inherited a grossly incompetent, wholly political and completely dysfunctional government….in my opinion.

An opinion I extrapolated upon in my letter to the Auroran last week which I will also post here:

Download this file

Dick Illingworth saw through all the bullshit and held everyone accountable.

In my letter I referenced his May 6th column and I will include in its entirety here:

Download this file

It has been in Mr Aurora’s absence that we have seen council’s continued failed attempts to legislate integrity, waste copious amounts of money on pet projects and co-opt our democracy which we have unfortunately taken for granted..

Candidate Nigel Kean, in one of his several letters to the paper comments on the rampant dysfunction:


Another great letter that needs to be re-read is this one by Kathy Constable:


One member of council this past term, councilor Buck, saw fit to call out all the bullshit, and in my mind should be applauded for embracing Dick’s spirit for political justice which I believe is being revived in Aurora as we all witness the tip of the iceberg in increased connectivity provided by social networking, community focused sites and blogs.

Criticism is a key component of democracy, and one that isn’t going to go away.

Be hyper critical of your candidates and chose them based on how they respond.

The incumbents, with the exception of councilor Buck have been consistently dysfunctional.

They are an obstacle to Aurora’s growth and need to be replaced with candidates that demonstrate the qualities of respect, accountability, integrity and leadership.


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