I’m pretty sure it’s called the Cenotaph


What’s with the name game going on in Aurora?  Changing a street name to remove the honor that was bestowed to past councilor John West was petty and accomplished nothing except fracturing our town further. Calling the downtown core and business districts in town “The Promenade” is pompous and has done little to revitalize the area, and lets not forget the quiet dropping of “Heritage” from the “Aurora Heritage Center” and tagging on “Culture” instead so it could be used for political gain.

These are all disturbing, but do not even come close to touching what has been done in complete disrespect to our fallen war heroes.

Evilina and the Mayor both went to great lengths to say that they would not change the war memorial, just “enhance it”.  I commented previously on this here:  http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/town-council-leave-the-war-memorial-alone

I guess we now know what they meant by the term “enhance”.

After reading the 100+ page plan through a couple times I was in disbelief in how I found the town referring to the Cenotaph.It has somehow been re-branded “Aurora War Memorial Peace Park”.

“Peace Park”?

Excuse Me?

Who was the ass-hat that came up with that title, and could they have been any more disrespectful to our town’s fallen soldiers in their choice?

The Cenotaph is indeed a War Memorial. 

Read it backwards, it is a memorial to war.

Where the fuck did “peace” enter into this?

The brave soldiers names that adorn that monument died fighting in times of war, not peace.

The memorial is for them, for their contribution and ultimate sacrifice to our freedom and way of life.

To tag on the name “Peace Park”, is in no way irrelevant, it is grossly insulting.

May 8th marked the first Veteran’s Appreciation Day.

I suppose someone reminded outgoing councilor Wendy Gaertner because she didn’t even know when the remembrance day ceremony was last November.  I commented on this in a previous post here:
http://christopherwatts.posterous.com/who-is-reminding-who-exactly   and again here:

The town’s Media Release ( www.town.aurora.on.ca/app/wa/doc?docId=10713 ) shows that funds for the 2007 renovation came from the “Town of Aurora War Memorial Reserve”.

Did you read “Peace Park” anywhere in there?

I sure as hell Didn’t.

Doesn’t matter much, the name has made it into the official Aurora Parks and Trails Directory:

and the official Downtown Property Information Map

And now it is cemented into the much talked about, but of little substance : “Promenade Study”




In fact the plan actually draws a bigger area around the Cenotaph as a focus area, its name “Peace Square”


I am not writing this because I am opposed to peace, in fact quite the opposite.

We have a local peace-activist-nutjob in town, and she’s welcome to congregate around Billings Well, but we certainly need to refrain from desecrating our Town’s (and other town’s) War Memorial by misrepresenting its very purpose, and enveloping it in some more comforting handle like “Peace Park” or “Peace Square”.

In a recent spam email blast Sher St. Kitts encouraged readers to
“Help preserve Aurora’s good image as a nice place with Good character, integrity and honesty.  Our forefathers fought for these values.”

I agree.

My forefathers, and great uncles, cousins did fight for these values.

I will not have them betrayed because some left-wing-socialist douchbags are uncomfortable with the reality of war.

It is my firm opinion that not a single vote should be given to those that participated in, crafted and supported the passing of the Promenade study.

This list, should you not already have it includes the following incumbents:

MORRIS, Phyllis


GRANGER, Stephen

MacHEKRON, Evilina



And one exceptional ass-hat that was not elected, but treated as though he was:


These people consistently put themselves before other Aurorans, and it doesn’t even matter if they are alive or dead.

On Oct 25th let’s restore a culture of respect to Aurora, starting with our fallen.

Watts on your mind?

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