$#*! my Mayor says – October 21st 2010


The following was said by our Mayor in council meeting on July 13th.
She starts her little defensive crybaby rant @ 1:32:57 :

“but sir, instead of doing master wreck plans, and getting on bringing heritage advisory committees to fruition and trails and doing the official plan and doing budgets, sometimes if we were to rebut every myth and cruel commentary we wouldn’t get done the work we have managed to get done.  Its very hard to keep up with the myths an innuendo and quite frankly nonsense.”

Rebut every divergent point of view is exactly what council has done.

The quality of the town’s output has been sacrificed to accomplish this.

Councilors, residents and business people involved in the tender process are openly allowed to approach and attack councilors and staff with cruel commentary, innuendos and nonsense.

Town staff are actually employed for the purpose of sifting through websites, community bulletin boards, blogs and social media to bring to the Mayor’s attention any and all of what she considers nonsense.

Residents are sued from voicing their opinons, because they do not align with our Mayors.

You know what Phyllis, it is very hard for all of us citizens to keep up with the myths an innuendo and quite frankly nonsense that stem from you and your gang-of-six.

It is more than a full-time job, and one that we won’t need to engage in when you have been removed from office.

Which happens in 4 more sleeps.


Watts on your mind?

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