There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity


I agree with Tom Peters, Aurora hasn't witnessed anything close to a minor lapse, more like a complete collapse.

Aurora has seen 3 integrity commissioners hired at a staggering cost to the tax payer to rule on complaints all directed to the same councilor.

How does anyone reach any other conclusion than a group of councilors sought out a blunt instrument to silence one of its greatest critics?

It's increasingly confrontational, undemocratic and downright sick.

There is a recent article in the Mayora Banner on the subject here:–aurora-election-issues-integrityf

The amount of spin is to be expected, but does a poor job of hiding what has transpired.

When the very role of the Integrity Commissioner lacks integrity, you know your town is in trouble.

Our Mayor who prides herself on introducing her flawed "code of ethics" which was mashed into a highly controversial "code of conduct" in which provisions are made to censor freedom of speech of those on council, has released about 20 videos to YouTube recently and has much to say on the topic.

It is interesting how she agrees that integrity cannot be legislated, instead she focuses on the need for "accountability".

There is an enlightening video from TVO back on June 17th 2010 titled : Accountability run amok, if you missed it I encourage you to watch it here:

The underlying question is this: Scandals at the OLG and eHealth have cast a spotlight on government spending. Is the quest for government transparency getting in the way of good governance?

In Aurora it sure has.

All attempts to legislate integrity are exercises in futility, and we have witnessed an epic saga of this very futility unfold over the last 4 years.

I am ashamed that a group of ethically void councilors and our Mayor would go to such an extent to ensure their wrath could be brought full bear against one of their own.

Samuel Johnson had this to say about integrity :
"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful."

None of these gang members possess the requisite knowledge, integrity or community values to sit at the council table.

They have proven undeserving of the privilege and I for one will make sure they are held accountable on Oct 25th.


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