the train has left the station…


Even so, in the last few days remaining several candidates are campaigning at the GO station.

Why it’s become a topic is because some candidates have permits, others do not.

Geoff Dawe has a new post regarding his most recent campaigning at the Aurora Go Station yesterday over on his blog here:

It’s no surprise to me that candidates were booted off Go Transit property for campaigning without a permit.

It’s also no surprise to hear who those candidates are.

Thursday night at my meet&greet a resident informed me that one morning this week the Mayor even planted herself close to the Public Library’s paperback table that they set-up for riders to pick up a free book to enjoy on their commute effectively taking credit by proxy.

She was overheard asking commuters how they like the new parking garage, I assume she was telling these people that she built it single handedly.

Her pamphlet is filled with things she takes credit for while overshadowing an entire community.

To not seek permission, secure the proper permits shows a complete lack of respect, a lack of decency and effectively a willingness to trespass on private property and obstruct business operations.

Integrity is an all or nothing deal.

Of course Sher, who was there campaigning without a permit, wouldn’t see it this way.  She has instead circulated another one of her bitter spam emails that I have included here for your daily laugh:

“This morning at the Go Station the now Infamous YELLOW Shirts were inside the little station en masse holding a Permit from the Go Authorities to waive their authority to kick out all other candidates from handing out information to the public at the station!!    This was headed up by Jack…I mean Geoffrey Dawe, Tim Jones boasting himself as former mayor…. and their friends. “

Infamous Yellow shirts?

It doesn’t surprise me that Geoff’s campaign team would have a permit, it also doesn’t surprise me that Phyllis’ team didn’t.

No one was kicking other candidates from a “public” venue.  The Go Station is private property.  It seems to me that if you wanted to campaign you would seek out the proper channels to do so, otherwise if you are on the platform without a paid ticket you are effectively trespassing.

In previous days at the little friendly Go Station all other candidates for mayor and for council worked together in harmony at the Go Station handing out their material, sharing a coffee, talking to people and behaving in an inclusive and respectful manner to their peers.

That’s nice, but inconsequential.  Did any of these candidates have permits?

Not so with the Yellow Shirts – This is our platform, we have the permits and we want you out of here” is what was said to people who came out to volunteer for other candidates (together with giggling and sneering at those who wished to serve the public by volunteering to give out information).  We were not allowed to have a complete picture of what is available in Aurora – the station was in effect taken over by the Yellow Shirts.

The station was taken over? 

Sher is the queen of giggling and sneering, I fail to understand what she is going on about here.

What happened to fair play, freedom of speech and inclusive thinking? 

It went out the window with the arrival of the St. Kitts woman and the MorMac regime.

Are these the kind of people you wish to run the Town of Aurora? 

The polls say yes.

At the end and just before the last train Dawe Supporter, Richard Johnson lunged at Mayor Morris in a most menacing way and was held back by 2 men standing by. It was shocking.  It felt as if we are living in a 3rd world Regime.

 I have a hard time believing Sher’s side of the story here, I’d like to hear Mr. Johnson’s.

Bullies in Yellow – the Yellow Shirts headed by Jack, I mean Geoff Dawe – what does this remind you of? 

Bullies remind me of Granger at the farmers market berating a young girl selling ice cream.  They remind me of councilor Granger’s demeanor and intimidation of vendors at the same market.  Bullies remind me of the gang-of-six councilors that abused their power to vindictively silence a member of council.

Is there truly freedom of expression in Aurora without fear – why is this allowed to happen.  Jack Dawe boots might be available soon here in Aurora.

There is no freedom of expression in Aurora without fear of reprisal.  The mayor’s latest lawsuit makes that very clear.

Be aware and be sure to vote on the 25th for those who can work together with others of different opinions and platforms. 

We will, we will vote for Geoff Dawe

Do you want to have a communistic state here in Aurora – all ruled by one voice, one idea, one company?

No, which is why Phyllis will be voted out of power, along with her “majority” better known as “gang-of-six” councilors.


Sher St. Kitts – still shocked at this behaviour in this day and age in our town….

Aurora, still shocked at Sher St. Kitts’s behavior in  this day and age in our town…which is Aurora, not Snowball.
Comments like these do nothing to paint Sher as a totally non-political doo-gooder victim, but I guess that charade has been exposed

Aurora is a small town, and if Sher has any intent in being involved in town affairs after Monday she better start getting our new Mayor’s name right.

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  1. How does one go about getting on this mailing list….

    Would love to get a good laugh on Tuesday morning…

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