Heritage Weak


In planning my family vacation this year we decided to check out small historic towns in Ontario.

I was interested to see how Aurora stacks up…..guess what, we don't.

Over the course of 3 weeks in the summer I visited Port Perry, Elora, Picton and Unionville.

Aurora has a lot of work to do if it wants to compare itself with any of these wonderful towns, Unionville especialy which boasts a
historic main street complete with thriving storefronts, an amazing farmers market ( http://tracybyersreid.wordpress.com/2010/07/18/stiver-mill-farmers-market-unionville/ ) , Jazz Festival & Canada Day Festival.  All of which put Aurora's to shame.

These towns understand tourism, understand small business, understand special events and most of all appreciate and understand their own history which all of these town's flaunt.

Not here in Aurora.

We even got a sizable government grant for a Heritage Centre to house our town's museum and what did we do?  Flush the money down a gold seated toilet, creating a "cultural centre" whatever the fuck that is, complete with grand piano.

But that was the plan all along wasn't it.

Another ribbon to cut, another commemorative plaque to erect….yeah town council! we are awesome!, look at what we do for our heritage!

What a sham.

I wonder if this town council would like the honor of unveiling the one I pictured above, because they deserve to.

"Historic Downtown" Aurora has been effectively hog tied, kicked when on the ground and left to bleed.

One only has to look at what recently happened in Brantford, under leadership similar to our Mayor's to see what is instore for our main street. There are some excellent articles from the Toronto Star here:


and here:


In the Open Forum section of the final council meeting on Sept 28th Economic development advisory committee chairperson, and all around ass-hat, Chris Ballard decided to take the mic and make some rather insulting comments including:

"The Promenade study is more than just the downtown"


"The study was never meant to be solely about merchants in the Yonge and Wellington area"

Where did this incompetent fool come from, and how did he get appointed to such a committee?  Isn't this why we have elections, to prevent ass-hats like this from wandering in off the street and corrupting our town's business?

"The Promenade study is more than just the downtown"  ?

That's like the Mayor recently saying "I serve more than small business"

Yes you do.  But what has escaped your puny brains is that you serve these people as well.

I guess it's just easier to dismiss the vocal criticism of these business owners than having to do your jobs.

Which is why your jobs, and those of several of the current outgoing council will be given to those more capable on Monday.

Because, to quote Chris Ballard :

“We’ve tried to do that in the past and it just hasn’t worked.”


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