Municipal Election 2010 – My vote for Mayor of Aurora

I find myself inundated with queries regarding the upcoming election, some of them are phrased “how should I vote?”

My response to this question is always the same:

I can’t tell you how to vote, but I can tell you who I am voting for, and I can tell you why.

I’ll use this post to outline my vote for the office of Mayor, and create a separate, more detailed post for councilors.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will not be surprised to find that I have exhausted over 145 entries to date regarding our current mayor, if you care to read them you can use the following link:

If our Mayor is one thing, she is consistently self-serving, even her signs agree:


It will be her downfall come Monday night as her, and her elitist friends’ gravy train comes to a grinding halt.

This year the vote for Mayor of Aurora needs to be one that rights several wrongs from this past term of office.

A vote for change is common amongst everyone I am talking with.

I am following the Toronto Star’s lead (–star-s-choices-in-york-bevilacqua-for-vaughan-mayor ) and endorsing Geoff Dawe for Mayor.


Early in the campaign when he announced his candidacy I had several reservations and I was quite hard on Geoff because I didn’t know much about him.   I needed to know more, and see how he would react.

I can safely say that the level of respect Geoff shows, and receives is unmatched by the other candidates.

The amount of senior business leadership experience Geoff has for the job is also unmatched.

Simply put there is no other person for the job.

Nigel Kean is a nice man, but an ineffective leader.  His ideas and visions are fraught with lack of foresight and his experience on council that he quotes as the primary reason to pick himself over the other candidates is filled with several questionable choices and a poor work ethic with others.

I’m not confident that Kean could restore the Aura to Aurora and hence why I am not voting for the Turkey on Monday:


Roger Clowater seems also like a nice person, but a complete wack-job when it comes to political fortitude.  Roger spent a lot of money on his campaign, from planting countless signs, as early as May, and in illegal locations ( Hey Roger did you manage to place a sign in front of every super-mailbox in town?) to banners which he used to wrapped his sexy soccer-mom van :


He has the requisite passion for the job, but his continued vision for a University in town is questionable, and his ego is very inflated.  It is a shame that he chose not to run for council, because he may have made a very good councilor.  It would allow Aurora a chance to get to know him, which isn’t easy.

Check out these pictures of Roger:


Roger seems to be a master of disguise.  His entire campaign it has left me wondering if he is one person, or are there several Roger Clowaters?

Roger needs to drop his slogan of “Refreshing Change” (which sounds like he’s selling a cola drink) and focus on consistency of image, and consistency of message should he want to continue any political aspirations.

I enjoyed listening to Miloslav Prikryl’s comments at the All Candidates Meetings.  He added a sense of humor that was lacking in all the other candidates, but for someone who refused to place lawn signs, refused to take creating a website or pamphlet seriously and has some laughable ideas as to what should be done with our town I am left thinking that Miloslav will be lucky to pull more than 250 votes.

Monday is our opportunity to restore a culture of respect to our town hall.

I plan to cast my ballot for Geoff Dawe in the morning, and congratulate him in the evening on his victory.

I encourage you to show your support for Geoff at the polls tomorrow as well.

Lets give him a big Aurora welcome.


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