Working Girls

As of 5:30 PM Monday the Mayor desperate to salvage her campaign in whatever way possible was seen waiving down cars with her entourage on the corner of Yonge & Wellington.

I have included some pictures here:

All the usual suspects were present: Sher, Linda GopFart (Sher’s brain slug), That Jam & Jellies lady…the mayor even seemed to have a knock-off secret service dweeb. 

At one point the Mayor saw that I was taking pictures of her and promptly tried to cover her face with her sign.

Then she went and got the secret-service dweeb to take a photo of me with is cell-phone.

It just leaves you scratching your head.


2 thoughts on “Working Girls

  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Yup, the 2nd picture is definitely a splitting image.

    I expect Linda is waking up in the typical Patsy in a Stoli and cigarette haze wondering where she is

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