Less is MorMac


Talk about cleaning the slate.

4 of the Gang-of-Six are out, including MorMac (Morris and MacHekron)

Our mayor and 3 councilors who have disgraced our town over the last year have been fired, and rightly so.

Say goodbye to:

Al (used car salesman) Wilson

In 2003 Al Wilson failed to get elected. 
In 2006 Al only received 35.8% of the vote, a total of 3283 votes.
2010 is a repeat of 2003.

Al’s campaign included signs that look like they’d be at home on a used car lot:


Which I guess is fitting for Aurora’s own Wacky Waving Inflatable Al flailing tube guy.

His campaign left me wondering if it it Al Wilson or Al Harrington? check out these videos online here:

and here:

It’s pretty sad when Al couldn’t even be bothered to spell his name right on his signs.

If you look at the sign the “L” in Al can’t be a lower case “L” because names are always done in upper case, so the letter is actually a capital “I”

His signs read “A.I. Wilson” 

I guess he’s not ashamed of the fact that he uses artificial intelligence.

It’s just unfortunate that he didn’t go to the same extent and get some artificial backbone, because that is what he truly lacked this past term, and that is what effectively brands him as an AHOLE:


Stephen “The Lone” Granger


A fellow AHOLE forced to ride off into the sunset, no doubt on his horse backwards, Mr. Granger made a number of monumental bungles on council this year.

His self appointment as liaison to the Farmers Market saw the carry over of divisiveness and fractured leadership forced upon the vendors and market goers.  His decision to bully a small girl at the same market is nothing short of deplorable.

Meetings is where Mr. Granger showed how ignorant he is to order, process, protocol and his marginal contributions to council no doubt were the reason he was turfed in favor of someone who is more capable.

The voters spoke loud and clear “Mr. Granger we know what you are all about, and Aurora is a small town”.

Evil-ina MacHecren

Evil was shown the door with Ms. MacHecerns ass kicking Monday.

She started her campaign in traditional Evilina style, she thought it was going to be a cakewalk.  So much so that her pathetic effort at lawn signs got mistaken for painter and contractor signs:


At the final all candidates meeting she started to go on the defensive, which I guess isn’t to suprising given how her Master Wreck Plan is a huge failing.  Evilia’s husband was handing out 8.5″x11″ single sided photocopies sheets.  When I was able to find one (of several that were discarded) it was not suprising to read the headline : “Clarifying Misinformation”.

I have included it here because it is such a laughable last ditch effort:


Her endorsement by Guy “Puppet” Poppe only served to reinforce what to expect if she was voted back in,, and her slip up at the Sept 28th council meeting spoke volumes as to her self serving nature:

“minutes can be amended to reflect whatever the member…council as a whole choses.”

Luckily Aurorans are smarter than MorMac gave them credit for.

It’s a whole new town and I happy none of these Phyllis-tines have the opportunity to abuse their power any more.


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