You go girls!

The amount of back patting, recognition, awards and general felating from this past term of council was absurd.

More time was spent acknowledging work being done, than actual work being done.

I am optimistic that the newly appointed council will turn the corner on this, but there are a couple members that I have a few reservations about.

Wendy “neighbor-ino” Gaertner


On a recent council agenda regarding advisory committee accomplishments, Wendy took the time to self congratulate herself as the former chair arts and culture advisory committee.

Her continued disdain for councilor Buck shows how childish Wendy can be.

Everyone has commented on her extreme ignorance, which was cemented when she had to ask when the remembrance day ceremony was.

The following is an excerpt I found from Ron Weese’s blog ( )

Wendy Gaertner looked like she was there because she had to be…and it showed. There is no one on this slate of candidates with less to offer sport than she. The thing I heard loud and clear was that sports need to come to her…she needs people to keep her informed…Wendy…it isn’t going to happen…people who are in sport are volunteers who have busy carreers, family lives and then volunteer lots of hours to their sport cause…they don’t have time to chase you or any other Councillor around to keep you informed. We elect Councillors and expect them to stay informed. Not our job to keep you informed… the other way around…say maybe this is the reason that for three years NO ONE from LSAC has asked the AYSC for any information. Wendy…you were on LSAC weren’t you?

This could have been taken from the 2010 Sports Aurora All Candidates Meeting, but it was from back in 2006.

It’s amazing how some things never change.

Lets hope that Wendy can show some changes, because her job will never be the same.

Sandra “St. Kitts” Humfreys


From the out of control frizzy dye job, to the over the top personality to having a hart on her election sign (where’s the unicorn or puppy dog?)  it is hard for Sandra to reach the escape velocity from Sher St. Kitts.

The two couldn’t be more alike, and I guess that is why they are Facebook friends:


Somehow she did, and the voters have given her a council seat.

I didn’t meet Sandra until last night at Geoff’s campaign party. 

Sandra insisted I get to know her, the real her.

So I asked her how one gets to do that.

Her campain pamphlet was vacuous, but not as much as her website:

If you want to save yourself the time clicking the link above I have included an image of the site here:


How does a candidate secure a domain name but fail at even attempting to use a website to communicate their platform?

She could have at least listed some of her bigger accomplishments, like this one:


Sandra’s response to getting to know her was I should just listen to what she has to say.

Fair enough.  The whole town will be listening.

Lets just hope we hear more than cheer-leading from these two.

4 thoughts on “You go girls!

  1. Oh pleeeeze, can’t you find something better to blog about; why do you feel you have to trash Sandra? Did you take the time to chat with Sandra. Sher didn’t even acknowledge the fact that Sandra was running for council. I sense a bit of jealousy on your part that a 1st timer like Sandra can get elected. Obviously she is the personality that the people want. Oh by the way, I will warn Sandra to get off facebook as she has a creeper watching her.

  2. Oh pleeeeze, can’t you find something better to do than sensationalize my opinion of Sandra as “trashing” her.

    I voiced my reservations, and backed them up with my observations.

    It’s my blog, and this is what I blog about. Sandra being voted to council is recent and relevant to discuss. If you don’t like what you read feel free to stop.

    Your comment regarding Sher not acknowledging Sandra as a candidate shows your complete ignorance in the matter or your desire to deflect, as it was quite
    obvious to the audience members of the first All Candidates Meeting who Sher was cheer-leading for as she screeched “You Go Girl!” when Sandra took to the
    microphone to deliver her introduction. Hence the title I chose for my post.

    The fact that Sandra filed her papers the same day that Sher was unable to is just too convenient for my liking.

    It’s laughable that you could accuse me of being jealous?

    There were 3 other first time candidates that were elected to council.

    I wasn’t a candidate, so what am I jealous of exactly?

    As for what people “obviously” want, I was hoping that voters would be looking for substance over personality, and they did for the majority.

    I fail to see how viewing someone’s “public” Facebook profile page can be construed as being a “creeper”, but there you go being sensational again.

  3. Are we in grade 9? Like, oh my god, he’s just sooooooooo jealous. Thanks for giving me a good laugh first thing in the morning, Rolliker.

  4. No Kelley with an “e”, I am not in grade 9! I just choose to state that this guy is an idiot. By him choosing to degrade such a peaceful and beautiful person by criticizing the colour of her hair is ridiculous and immature. Maybe Christopher has no hair on his head, and that is why he is jealous; I don’t know! When I chose to comment on Christophers post a couple of days ago I did not know the truth about him; so as far as anymore comments regarding his blogs from me, it will not happen.

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