What do votes cost?


Nigel Kean declared that he lost the election because he didn't have the requisite funding.

When reached last night, Mr. Kean offered his congratulations to fellow mayoral candidates and suggested a well-funded campaign won the race for Mr. Dawe.  “I’m not disappointed I lost, I ran a great race, but I didn’t have the money Geoff Dawe did.”

Nigel no doubt spent a lot on his campaign, from signs, to website, advertising I don't think he pulled any punches.  It had to cost him.

My question to Nigel would be what exactly would you have done with more $? 

Where would it have been spent? 

And how can you quantify the margin by which you lost?

We know the Mayor spent $19,000 last election.  I didn't get the feel that she matched that number this time around, but we all know that no amount of money could have seen a different outcome for her Warship.

What is mind boggling is that Roger Clowater claimed only 4% of the vote, a total of 652 out of 13,168 votes cast.

What did it cost him for each of those 652 votes?
He had to have spent a fair amount on his signage, which was effectively his only campaign tool.

It should be interesting to hear the numbers when they are finally disclosed as to campaign spending for all the candidates, and the ratio of dollars spent to votes cast will no doubt nullify Nigel's sour-grapes claim.


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