Is AuroraGuy our town’s Economic Development Mascot?


Choosing between the majority of the incumbents seeking re-election and Chris Ballard was like choosing between a Douche or Turd Sandwich:

Seeing as we have had to swallow so much of the latter this past term it looks like some people in town opted for the former by electing Mr. Ballard to council in the recent election.

His election signs were being seen installed by the outgoing Mayor’s campaign team.

His his appointment to the EDAC which was blessed by whom?

Even Mr. Ballard’s campaign materials were a carbon copy to our outgoing Mayor’s.


The list goes on, but if it wasn’t evident from any of these his profile in this weeks Auroran confirms where his allegiances lie, you can read it here:

Download this file

In it he even acknowledges that he received criticism on “some” blogs which focused on his “perceived closeness” to outgoing Mayor Phylliss Morris.  One wonders which blogs Mr. Ballard read that did not reach this conclusion.

Ballard claims that one of the key issues he will be focusing on is economic development which is a shame given how he so bungled it with his involvement on EDAC.

Getting on his high horse he says he wants to bring fellow councilors up to speed regarding the Official Plan and the Promenade Study.

I would suggest before councilor Ballard tries to pass himself off as an expert on the subject of Economic Development he reads and fills out the 8 page test included in this provincal document on : Municipal Readiness for Economic Development:

Given the lack of substance from his contributions to both plans it is safe to say the Town don’t need a spotlight on economic development, it needs stadium lights, fireworks, military grade tactical infra-red goggles to find any substance that is going to bring upwards of 600 jobs to town that he claims.

In a quote from a Mayora Banner piece before the election here:–aurora-election-issues-economic-development

“I hope, when the new council takes office, people realize economic development isn’t about filling empty storefronts; it’s about bringing in the companies (that) employ 300 people and also pay big business taxes.”

How insulting.  It only reinforces Mr. Ballard’s continued assault on the downtown core after approaching council previously to reiterate that the Promenade Study is about more than the downtown core.

This man doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t appreciate the value of a vibrant and healthy downtown core.

Yes there is importance of attracting large companies to Aurora, but not at the expense of small to medium size business.

As for his remark “Hopefully will employ primarily Aurorans.” Mr. Ballard better have more of a contribution to the town’s Economic Development than relying on “hope”.

To quote him further “We’ve tried to do that in the past and it just hasn’t worked.”

Mr. Ballard strikes me as someone whose trajectory is that of someone failing upwards, and one of my favorite cartoon strips Dilbert summed this up perfectly:

“The Dilbert Principle observes that in the modern economy, the least capable people are promoted to management because companies need their smartest people to do the useful work.  This creates a situation where you have more geniuses reporting to morons than at any time in history.”

When speaking of his fellow councilors he throws in the patronizing statement “perhaps the ones who haven’t been involved with the town”.

Perhaps Mr. Ballard wishes to specify exactly which councilors fit his assumption, because I fail to see where any of the councilors that were not involved with the town.

I can’t think of a greater douchebag thing to say about your fellow council members.

But this is only the beginning.

For someone who claims to be “passionate about community participation in government” as written in his campaign literature one has to wonder why he chose to feature Guy Poppe’s letter on the subject of blogging on his campaign website.  It certainly seems to contradict this very claim.

In response to questions regarding putting a moratorium on the integrity commissioner, opening up the code of conduct for review and putting the brakes on Ms. Morris’ lawsuit against three bloggers Mr. Ballard answered with a typical political douche-bag cop-out that he needs more information.

Um, hello?

Were you not present for the entire election?

What more information does one need to serve the electorate on these issues?

All of them led to the outgoing Mayor’s political suicide.

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Ballard to stop worrying about soundbites and start thinking outside the pine box.

Failing to do so will is not likely to make M.Ballard a happy man.

But hey, he was the first to say that “Of course, there are going to be some who are never happy, but too bad.  That’s the way the world works.”

With or without Mr. Ballard’s participation come December 1st Aurora will be a very happy place.

And no doubt one that will attract more business.


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