instant councilor : just add coffee


Around the time of the “special” November 2nd council meeting for a couple councilors and one resident things started to go quickly “off the Beaton path” and ended up ON THE BEAN.

The latter is a mediocre and unreasonably expensive coffee shop in the North West section of town where it was observed that councilors Gaertner, Gallo and a resident who was allowed to speak at open forum of the same meeting, met for coffees prior to the same meeting.

I say expensive because there is a Starbucks located only 5 doors away and it is actually cheaper, not to mention the quality of their coffee is superior.

John Sargent voiced his observation in a letter to the Auroran, and immediately responses from all 3 were printed the following week rebutting Mr. Sargent’s observation so he followed it up with another letter clarifying some details.

This week another letter submitted this time by S. Smallwood corroborates Mr. Sargent’s observation and puts into further question the responses by councilor Granger, Gallo and Rebecca Beaton.

You can read it here:

Download this file

What was more alarming to read was how this resident was snubbed by councilor Gaernter twice, and than by councilor Gallo once.


Both councilors swore an oath to serve their constituents.

Liars or not, how do they believe it is acceptable to behave like this in public?

This is absolutely reprehensible.

I suggest both councilors invite S. Smallwood to meet with them individually at ON THE BEAN, and over a coffee apologize for their shameful behavior.



2 thoughts on “instant councilor : just add coffee

  1. I do support local business but at $2.50 a cup, for coffee that I found inferior to what you get at PetroCanada for $1 less I’m not going to go there if they can’t offer comparable products. There are other great coffee shops and cafe’s in town that I am happy to return to. ON THE BEAN may be more convenient, but it is not one of them.

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