Conspiracy theories represent a known glitch in human reasoning


David Philp seems convinced that a grandiose conspiracy architected by members of the world elite who assemble as The Bildeburg Group is out to kill you.

He was so convinced he wrote a letter into this week’s Auroran:

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For some reason, sometimes when people think they’ve uncovered a lie, they raise confirmation bias to an art form.  They cut context away from facts and arguments and assemble them into reassuring litanies.

I don’t see where this is not the case here.

One only has to look at Mr. Philp’s source: a video hosted by ex-wrestler Jesse Ventura.

Wanting to know more about where Mr. Philp is getting his information I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Philp is part of Heidi Stokelin’s Facebook group : Aurorans for world peace :

Heidi Stoeklin approached council last year, bandanna and all,  to bring about awareness of the same Bildeburg Group.

I have pointed out several fallacies in Ms. Stokelin’s thought process regarding her efforts in achieving world peace and I will not go into them in any more detail here.

However, her site is very reflective of her beliefs and if you can get past the preaching you would read the following insults directed at Aurorans:

Trust me people in Aurora, Ontario are slow to movement as they rest comfortable in their homes leading their priviledged lives.

People in Aurora have yet to embrace compassion for the suffering in the world

If one really wonders why our world is so messed up, its because of nut jobs like Ms Stokelin and Mr. Philp.

Their “rude awakening” will come along soon enough.

Its called sobering up.


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