big band width costs


J Martin’s letter in the Auroran this week had to do with paying excessively for bandwidth.

I have included them here but if you are as conscious about your bandwidth you may prefer to read then in the paper version because it spilled over two pages, totaling almost an entire page:

Download this file

Download this file

Albeit a little long Martin’s on point about the ridiculous capping of internet service providers.

The image I included above illustrates the problem nicely.

I’m all for paying for what you use but on the flip side, as I have pointed out before, Canadians are currently being raped by their ISPs when compared to costs around thew world:

Like cellphone plans and cable, internet fees in Canada will ultimately come down when the CRTC relents and allows competition in the marketplace.

If anyone is looking for recourse to see that this happens I would encourage them to communicate with their MP, MPP, directly to the CRTC and of course their service provider.

Looking for alternate service providers is also an option, just be conscious as to which ones are resellers.

The most creative solution I’ve seen so far is this customer sending in their payment:


If you’re going to make we work hard for your service, you can work hard for my money.




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