100 Watts – Millar Young


In this week’s column I shed light on a the passing of my friend Millar Young.

His obituary can be found here:

From cars to women to rugby, Millar Young enjoyed a lifelong pursuit of the fast and furious in just about everything.

Life wasn’t something that happened to Millar.  He poured his heart into it, he made it happen and the trophy he lifted at the end of the day was a huge smile.

He was a huge man, and that smile could power a room.

My column focused on his contributions to Ontario Rugby where he helped to form the Hall of Fame.

You can read it here:

Download this file

Apparently there was a significant showing of rugby players at his funeral which was attended by over 500 people.

I expect I am in the minority as I didn’t come to know Millar through rugby, but through proximity.

When I lived in King City we were neighbors.  He and his wife Gini became good friends to my family.

I was attracted to his small fleet of automobiles which he would often be washing in his driveway on a sunny day, getting it ready for a short hop around town, off to golf or a car show.

Whether it be in his Cadillacs, his 1989 Avanti coupe ( http://auto.howstuffworks.com/avanti-cars2.htm )  , or his fully restored 1959 MGA ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MG_MGA ) , sitting copilot with Millar going out to a car show was an adventure that could surpass piloting one of you own.

Here’s a great picture of him, his MGA and a little guy:


Millar had the great ability to cut through all the pretense and political correctness and get to the point.  The point is life is too short for all that crap.  He didn’t care how old you were, how much or little money you had….none of that was a factor.  

Are we friends?  Yes, then lets go do something fun.

He sure did.

Although his tail lights are receding off into the distance he left some good tire marks while he was here.

If anyone is wondering where those tire tracks lead to, it’s happiness.

And as usual Millar has a good head start.




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