friends (of the Petch house) with benefits


The Era Banner reported on council's decision to give the Petch shack a "three-month reprieve":–aurora-grants-petch-house-reprieve

Why exactly is Ms. Belrose, a resident from Richmond Hill, proposing Aurora spend $250,000 to turn it into a heritage education center?

You mean like a museum?

Perhaps if Ms. Belrose was a resident of Aurora she would realize that as residents we have already paid for a museum and have yet to see it.  We're not about to make that mistake twice.

It is confusing to hear her state her belief that the Petch house should be part of Aurora's museum, when we don't have one. 
Talk about putting the shit before the shack.

Why, after 7 years, are supposed friends materializing out of the woodwork now?

Some "friends" they are proving to be.

Mr. McLaughlin, or any "friends" of the petch house, we're not insisting that you're dreaming.

We're insisting that there is no value for the town in this dilapidated outhouse.

It is a liability, not an asset.

No "united front" is not going to Save the Petch house, as there is nothing to be saved.

Sure, forget the $400K figure.

Forget the $250K figure too, no one in their right mind would approve those figures, even if they were proposed by a resident, or if the Petch house was even part of the town's history.

What you're left with is either Mr. McLaughlin's proposed solution at a cost of $120,000 to restore it in a diminished and non-authentic manner.

Or $51,000+ just to dismantle it, additional costs to store it.

I think a third option needs to be seriously considered, and that is to place the structure up for auction.  Sell the entire thing to the highest bidder contingent upon them dismantling it and removing it in an agreed upon fashion.

The proceeds of the auction can be used to pay down all of the costs accrued to date bickering about this shitshack.

I'm fine with "labor of love" arrangements. 
I'm not fine if the town is footing the bill.

From what I can gather "Friends of the petch house", is nothing more than a lobby. 
I don't "like" the idea of providing them with benefits when we are facing a 7% increase in our property taxes.

I have a stamp at the ready for any councilor should they wish, for when the matter returns in 3 months, and a request for funding/sponsorship/loan whatever is presented:


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