Nigel Sheen


Ex-councilor and twice candidate for the office of Mayor Nigel Kean is on a rather large downward spiral of his own creation as evidenced by an interesting snippet regarding the former Mayor’s lawsuit.

I almost missed it, but his Sheen-ing example of “# Whining” was on page 6 of last week’s Auroran, which read:

Ms. Morris’ legal team has compiled a number of documents they claim shed light on the ownership and moderation of the Aurora citizen website, including an e-mail from October 28, 2010 from former mayoral candidate and former Councillor Nigel Kean to the recently defeated Ms. Morris and Evelina MacEachern.

In this post-election e-mail, Mr. Kean forwarded a message from Mr. Hogg saying he was “launching a new blog to
encourage wider discussion on issues of importance to the people in Aurora.”

The forwarded message was prefaced by Mr. Kean’s statement to Ms. Morris and Ms. MacEachern that “this apparently was [sent] the same time when Dawe, according to a good source, started his planning to run for mayor. I kept it as I felt that some day I would need it. The day is now.”

You can read the full article here:

Download this file

What exactly is the point of Nigel squirreling away some email for some future date or purpose, and then choosing to release such information immediately following the outcome of the election where he was soundly defeated.

More importantly how do his “needs” align with regards to the former Mayor’s lawsuit?

It is safe to say that both Sheen and Kean have railroaded their own careers.
While one is fueled by tiger blood, the other sour grapes, they both seem all to content to douse themselves in bourbon, light themselves on fire and invite people over to watch.

If someone bumps into Nigel at any of the coffee shops he frequents someone needs to tell him the reason he lost was because there were better candidates, not a lack of campaign finances.

Because the limited solutions he tabled for the town were overshadowed by a more realistic and community driven approach.

Because he lacked leadership and continually failed to connect with residents.

And because he talked more than he listened.

If it’s anyone’s day now it’s our town’s.  Not Nigel’s.

Maybe if he listened more during his campaign he would have better understood his place and not tried to put himself before the rest of us.

That is anything but # Winning.



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