do not pass Budget, do not collect 7%+ increase


Aurora Council must be wrapping up their budget pretty soon, but from what I’m hearing not much has been cut during the proceedings from when they started over a month ago.

Perhaps council should start looking around at neighboring municipalities and taking their cues from some of the larger ones, like Toronto:–james-toronto-s-about-to-go-on-a-fiscal-diet?bn=1

If there are several non essential , or “nice” things, that remain in the budget, council needs to step up to the plate and see that they are cut.

I thought the recent election sent a clear message that the lavish and unnecessary spending from the past term of council was going to be stopped.

If so, council needs to do just that.

I made several suggestions in my presentation to council which I included in a previous post here:

I think Scott Johnston’s comic from page 5 of the March 14th edition of the Auroran summed it up well.
In cased you missed it I have included it here:

Download this file

Dear members of council,

Remember ALL those people you met during your campaign, not just the ones that have come before you at council looking for a hand-out or a favor.

The residential tax base is not a luxury tax imposed on all us citizens.
Please stop spending as though it is, or as if you’re playing with Monopoly money. 

Let the games stop here!



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