character community or a community of characters?


There should be no compromise when it comes to community, but over on the AuroraCitizen the question has been posed of our town:  "Is Aurora Friendlier than other Communities?"

Aurora used to be considered a Character Community :

But somewhere on the road to integrity and unity something happened.

The goal of a Character Community is:

"We will work together to make York Region a Character Community by nurturing positive character attributes."

That doesn't seem to be the common feeling about our town, I know this hasn't been my experience from living here over the past 5 years and its about time a real discussion took place.

Enough P.R., enough spin, it's time to stop ignoring reality or trying to sugar coat our town's short comings and deal with our image.

I haven't shared the same experience as the poster Walt but I can appreciate that it happens and why people get fed up and leave.

It is very upsetting to hear, and we need to work as a community towards greater inclusiveness, not small cliques.

There is a huge amount of snobbishness, elitism, pretension and sanctimony that envelops a portion of our town.  Mediocre people with limited vision that believe they are the most important thing in the universe, and if others don't see it that way and shower them with praise and attention they want nothing to do with you.

I don't need to cite any examples, the readers of this blog and the AuroraCitizen know exactly who I am referring to that are guilty of such narcissism.

Copycat jazz festivals and cultural off-centers do not a community make.

They do however make great Glee clubs.

Membership has its price, and from what I've seen it's not worth it.

They're not Glee clubs at all…more Glum clubs.

What is so easily forgotten is that Culture and Community have no "center" , by their very nature they are spread far and wide.

Culture and Community are networks, the greatness that lies within is found in every Auroran, not just a few that believe they have been chosen to lead the rest of us unwashed masses.

I believe Aurora is a great community, with great culture because I have witnessed it.  I participate in it.

Aurora has proven to me that the more you put into your town the more you will get out.

You just won't find it at the falsely named institutions and fake preachers that are more than happy to sell it to you door-to-door, or failing that take it from our taxes.

You don't need them to find Community or Culture at all, it's inside you already.


Watts on your mind?

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