100 Watts : running it up the flagpole

My article in the Auroran this week was about the Canadian flags…er, make that rags that were flying at the Aurora Shopping Center in the south end of town.

You can read it here:

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A letter the previous week by Stewart Ivol was what caught my attention, if you missed it you can read it here:

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I checked again yesterday and noticed that the flags that were almost torn in half been removed, yet to be replaced.  I don’t see this in anyway negating the issue that I outlined in my article.

Operating a shopping center most likely has its challenges, but come on how hard is it to maintain a flag?

How can someone, or something like a corporation, show so little care or respect that the only way it gets rectified is for someone to point out such a visible blunder.

It’s right there, flapping in the breeze, 24/7!

To add to the insult they were practically facing Aurora’s war memorial.

It surprised me that there were no laws regarding the flying of our flag in such a state.  But as Aurorans we have learned the hard way that you can’t legislate common sense, or integrity. 

The Aurora Shopping Center has exhibited neither.

There are very rigid stipulations as to how to dispose of our flag, we can only hope that the Aurora Shopping Center adhered to what is outlined clearly on the government’s website here:http://www.pch.gc.ca/progs/cpsc-ccsp/etiqtt/101-eng.cfm

Wanting to know how this has been handled elsewhere it was interesting to note that as recently as last September Via Rail flew a tattered flag in London Ontario:  http://www.lfpress.com/news/london/2010/09/08/15288371.html

In that particular instance the local MP saw that it was replaced.

I guess our local MP Lois Brown doesn’t notice or care about such things, and this after promising a “Canadian Flag for everyone” in her last campaign promises, which she has yet to deliver on and most likely will not given that an election is mere weeks away.

In 2009 tattered flags seemed to be prevalent in the news.

The Toronto District School Board had issues with their flags:

The same year disgracefully flags flown at memorials were tattered:

And a soldier noticed a tattered flag flying above a city high school in Calgary and was told nothing could be done about it:

A year earlier, n 2008, The Toronto Star ran an article about a tattered flag flying at a town water facility:

A typically bureaucratic response common to all is that the flag “was already on the list to be replaced” is as disgraceful as the flag itself.

And that P.R. bullshit is supposed to excuse the person or persons responsible?

I guess earning then that the public’s respect can be put on a similar list.  We’ll get around to it when we can, there’s no urgency.

It’s not enough to take one hour out of a year to pay respect to those that fought to represent that flag.  We need to stand on guard for thee.

That means every day.

The flag is not some logo, or one of those horrible temporary signs plastered around our town.  It’s not reserved for people who believe they are “more Canadian” than others by proclaiming themselves “Red Hot”.

It’s our flag.

It flies because we stand united behind it.

With a pending Federal election we will all be given the chance to shape the direction we want that flag to go.

Failing to do so is as disrespectful as flying half a flag, yet we know that several among us will do just that.

Democracy is much to fragile to hoist up a flagpole and leave flapping in the breeze without a second thought.

We all need to look up, and way more often.


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