there’s nothing to fear but fear itself…


….oh, and ignorant people, definitely ignorant people.

I was pleased to see H. Grimset address Clr. Ballard’s staggering level of ignorance in a letter to the Auroran on page 6 this week.

If you missed it you can read it here:

Download this file

Grimset effectively replicated one of Clr. Ballard’s blog posts in its entirety, the one where he was offended by a word that sounded similar to, but in no way was related to a racial slur.

By writing a blog post the Clr. was more than happy to point out his ignorance, even wear it on his sleeve.

This recent letter replaces the supposedly offensive word thus placing everything into perspective, something Clr. Ballard has continuously proven incapable of.

A Clr. blinded by fear, deafened by his own sense of righteous indignation really only has one venue left, and that is to scream himself blue.

A spooky sight to behold indeed.



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